Prominent Physician and Former Executive, Jose Guethon MD, MBA, CDIP Joins Symbion Coding Inc.

September 27 08:06 2023
This new partnership aims at improving coding compliance in healthcare.

Symbion Coding Inc., a leader in medical coding solutions is thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Guethon, an accomplished primary care physician and former COO of Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc. and ClareMedica Health Partners LLC to its esteemed team. As a physician advisor and consultant, Dr. Guethon’s profound experience in medical and business sectors will immensely strengthen the Symbion framework, particularly when healthcare reimbursement is under a magnifying glass.

Speaking to the media, Jean Delva, Symbion Coding Inc. founder, said, “I am delighted to have Dr. G. join Symbion Coding as a Physician Advisor and Consultant, where he will lead our physician-led provider education program. With his business acumen and medical experience, Symbion is better positioned to continue to help our clients navigate and succeed in a complex, value-based healthcare reimbursement environment.”

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Medical Coding

The current healthcare scenario is rife with challenges and uncertainties. With the OIG’s intensified focus on RADV audits, the evolving landscape of ICD-10, Star Ratings, HEDIS, and MRA, and the increasing demands for transparency and accuracy, the necessity for robust medical coding and compliance strategies has never been greater. Amidst these shifts, healthcare organizations need more than just a service; they need a partner.

This partnership between Dr. Guethon and Symbion Coding Inc. is not just about adding a new member to a team. It represents a fusion of deep medical expertise with the intricate know-how of medical coding. Dr. Guethon’s unique background in value-based care in addition to holding an MBA in management and is certified by AHIMA as a clinical documentation improvement practitioner (CDIP), complements Symbion’s foundation.

Dr. Guethon said, “Joining a highly respected firm like Symbion Coding, Inc., allows me the opportunity to leverage my clinical, business, and coding credentials and experience in rapidly evolving roles of Physician Advisor and CDI practitioner.”

Tackling the Current Pressures in the Healthcare Sector

The present-day healthcare industry faces a dual challenge – ensuring quality patient care while navigating the financial intricacies of regulatory changes. The pressures of inflation, coupled with the anticipated surge in medical expenses – particularly with the double-digit pharmacy trends steered by specialty drugs – are set to tighten profit margins further.

As Dr. Guethon elaborates, “Today’s healthcare market demands high quality and performance. We will deliver both.” This partnership thus extends beyond business. It’s a commitment to every healthcare executive, every MSO, MA plan, and every medical group to be their guiding star in these tumultuous times.

Empowering the Medical Community

In times when knowledge is indeed power, Symbion offers more than just coding services. Through comprehensive educational and training programs, Symbion empowers medical staff to stay ahead of the curve.

Symbion is for ACOs, MSOs, MAs, and medical groups looking for more than a solution but a partnership, understanding, and commitment. 

Delva is thoroughly pleased to have Dr. Guethon on board. Having worked together on projects throughout their careers, he knows his expertise is complemented by Dr. Guethon’s rich medical and business acumen, enabling them to propel the company towards its goals and cement its position at the forefront of healthcare coding solutions. He said, “With the addition of Dr. Gutheon to our already esteemed team, Symbion is perfectly positioned to help healthcare businesses conquer the ever-changing landscape.” 

About Symbion Coding Inc.

Symbion Coding Inc. collaborates with medical entities, offering bespoke solutions to refine operations, bolster compliance, and achieve optimal financial outcomes. Built on decades of hands-on healthcare experience, Symbion’s team excels in medical coding, rigorous due diligence, and compliance mandates. Their services encompass tailored medical chart reviews, M&A due diligence, and a comprehensive alignment with CMS guidelines, ensuring robust reimbursement strategies.

Distinctly ahead in the industry, Symbion’s approach is client-centric, emphasizing high-quality, data-driven solutions. Unlike competitors, their transparent, value-based pricing avoids charging based on uncovered revenue. Instead, they focus on fixed prices, ensuring affordability and client-aligned interests. With their unmatched expertise and innovative solutions, Symbion stands as a true partner in success for healthcare organizations.

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