Campaignfeed: The Must-Have Email Marketing Resource for Every Marketer and Agency

September 15 20:10 2023
Never run out of newsletter ideas again.

Campaignfeed, the number 1 newsletter library, is helping marketers level up their email marketing by providing a one-stop platform for newsletter ideas, competitor insights, and email campaign best practices from over 45000 leading brands.

Email marketing has become a key component of today’s marketing strategies. However, it is often plagued by slow content production, low quality, and repetitive content when marketers run out of ideas, resulting in poorly performing email campaigns. On a mission to revolutionize email marketing on a global scale, Campaignfeed ensures marketers never run out of newsletter ideas by providing access to an expansive newsletter library featuring top-tier brands and campaigns.

Recognized as the go-to newsletter library by over 5,000 marketers and agencies, the platform offers game-changing newsletter resources for brands looking to stay ahead in email marketing. Campaignfeed offers limitless inspiration, with over 5 million email campaigns available. Most importantly, the platform provides structured access to newsletter ideas, competitor tracking, and other powerful features tailor-made for email marketing.

Features of Campaignfeed

Campaignfeed’s rich and tailor-made features are a testament to its dedication to empowering marketers. These features include:

A unified campaign inbox

On Campaignfeed, marketers can access a tailored inbox that features all their competitors and favorite brands. The intricately structured inbox offers unparalleled access and up-to-date ideas and insights to help marketers refine their email campaign techniques.

Comprehensive newsletter library

With thousands of brands and millions of email campaigns featured, Campaignfeed opens the doors to unlimited inspiration for marketers from all industries. This feature allows users to explore matching and inspiring brands and stay ahead of trends and developments in their market.

Campaign history

To give marketers a clearer view of their competitors and favorite brands, Campaignfeed provides access to the complete campaign history of these brands. This offers marketers full access to every campaign of every season of the year, which allows them to visualize the brand’s development. It also helps identify areas of improvement and best practices.

Custom resource libraries

Campaignfeed provides deeper insights into every campaign, allowing them to build their custom resource library to mark and save specific campaigns, comment, and discuss campaign details with collaborators.


Campaignfeed allows collaboration with coworkers and clients to accelerate the creation of effective campaigns.

Unlimited search

Marketers can search for inspiration and ideas for their next campaign by brand, industry, topic, and other criteria. “You have access to all our brands and all their email campaigns without limitations. We save all historical newsletters as well as all upcoming emails for unlimited research and inspiration.”

Insights from the world’s largest newsletter library

While offering newsletter ideas, campaigns, and insights from over 45000 brands, Campaignfeed is committed to continuously expanding its library to cater to the diverse needs of marketers across industries. Every day, the platform adds over 20000 new emails and new brands each week. Marketers can request brand additions via the Campaignfeed app.

Save up to 20 hours every month and stay ahead of the competition with Campaignfeed, the number 1 resource for marketers to elevate their email marketing strategies.

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