Digital Marketing Expert Rich Feola is Proud to Announce the Launch of All New Virtual Sales Program

June 05 16:30 2023
Digital Marketing Expert Rich Feola is Proud to Announce the Launch of All New Virtual Sales Program
Leading firm in solar sales joins push for solar companies to enter the virtual revolution

Founder and CEO of Solar Exclusive, the largest independent solar industry marketing spender on YouTube and Google, Rich Feola, is excited to announce that his company is now offering their Solar X virtual sales training. 

With a reputation for helping their clients grow their businesses and generating high-value, exclusive solar leads, Feola is now sharing valuable findings for anyone struggling to incorporate virtual selling in their solar business. Some of Solar Exclusive’s clients have sold thousands of solar projects virtually, and Feola has compiled some best practices into a comprehensive training for aspiring solar companies and sales organizations.

Solar X was created to fill a need left behind by the pandemic. As more individuals preferred to buy solar virtually, companies were struggling to do so effectively. With Solar Exclusive’s virtual training program, they will teach solar companies how to market and effectively convert leads in this new virtual space by providing them with easy-to-implement best practices that they can then give to their solar reps. Feola has successfully navigated shifting landscapes over the course of his marketing career, and is passionate about helping others in this space do the same. 

“Over the last six years, we’ve seen hundreds of our clients sell virtually successfully. But most solar companies still rely solely on selling in the home, which limits their ability to target new states and expand their targeting in their current state,” said Feola. “So we decided to compile all the best practices of all our top clients, one of which closed over 3,000 deals virtually all over the country, into a comprehensive virtual sales training so any solar company can finally master virtual selling once and for all. It has already increased efficiency for dozens of our clients, and we’re excited to see more solar companies join the virtual revolution.” 

Solar Exclusive has served over 2,900 clients and turned in two million leads across 286 different markets in the solar space. They have a team of YouTube and Google ad experts and are the leading marketer on YouTube. Now they are sharing their expertise in an effort to help solar companies enter a relatively new market, and they are doing so with tactics and tips that are already proven to increase leads, streamline business practices, and increase the number of closed deals.

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