A Pioneer and Trailblazer in Oaktown Funk and Hip Hop – Keen Pro Records’ Keenan Foster Presents an Impactful New Single

May 24 03:57 2023
A Pioneer and Trailblazer in Oaktown Funk and Hip Hop - Keen Pro Records’ Keenan Foster Presents an Impactful New Single
Titled “Oaktown Funk” and featuring an enviable fusion of styles and rhythms, Keen Pro Records newest drop is paving their way towards success

Conjuring infectious, stimulating, and thrilling soundscapes, Keen Pro Records’ iconic talent, Keenan Foster is onto newer avenues with his scintillating Funk portraits. Looking forward to the drop of his inventive and striking. New release, “Oaktown Funk,” the skilled artist-composer is cementing his position as the ‘Originator of Oaktown Funk.’

Staying true to his roots and yet continually experimenting with groovy rhythms and pushing the boundaries of the genre, the Keen Pro Records front-man is taking the Hip Hop and Funk audience by storm. Paving the road towards brilliance, authenticity, and pure entertainment, Keenan Foster brings over four decades of experience and a shimmering, burning passion for Funk which has only quadrupled in recent years.

An unrivaled artist whose dynamic artistry sets him apart from all contemporaries, Keenan Foster reminds the world that Oakland Funk was in Hip Hop before LA, Vallejo or any other place adapted to the unique style. As the ‘Originator,’ Keen Pro Records and the artist have been dabbling in an enigmatic, appealing style for very long.

Drawing inspiration from the icons and greats of the genre, the trailblazing, phenomenal artist affirms how he has been ‘Funkin’ since 1976, sculpting an identity that is true to his talents and honest to the greater message which empowers him and his craft.

Motivated by a lifetime for introspection, self-improvement, and limitless dedication to his craft, Keenan Foster’s soulful voice and electric style has positioned him as an unparalleled composer. Carving out a distinctive sound which resonates amidst audiences and can get anyone lost in the rhythms and beats which he curates, Keenan Foster and Keen Pro Records are a remarkable presence.

“I have been funkin’ since 1976 – the Bicentennial. I got the Moog Synthesizer in 1979 and was playing original bass lines and sampling (playing over) Bootsy and P-Funk while the East Coast was at James Brown,” notes Keenan Foster.

Stream Keen Pro Records’ exciting new offering, “Oaktown Funk” and fall in love with a distinct, unique style of music. Follow the artist on social media and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


A seasoned, prolific, and trailblazing artist who is creating a formidable legacy with his artistry, Keenan Foster was born and raised in Oakland, California. A forerunner in Funk, the skilled artist has been doing music since he was growing up in his church at the young age of 8. Foster started out singing and drew inspirations from a wide-ranging collective of artists across the musical spectrum. He notes how at heart, he remains a Bluesman first and foremost, but his trajectory with Funk was spurred and inspired by the likes of Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell and the godfather of all – James Brown.

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