Creative Biolabs: Sparing No Effort to Advance Immunology Discovery

March 13 20:10 2023
Creative Biolabs updated the first quarter scheme to strive for a new year of immunotherapy prosperity.

New York, USA – March 13, 2023 – Kicking off 2023 with an industry exhibition at the 22nd Peptalk, Creative Biolabs is on track to vie for a new round of business engagement, by updating its innovative solutions and backing discoveries in immunology, including vaccine, mRNA, protein degradation therapy, and virology study.

“In 2022, we witnessed huge accomplishments in the biotech and pharmaceutical fields,” commented a specialist at Creative Biolabs, “which have significantly inspired game players like us to innovate and keep pace with the evolving trends in the industry.”

Solutions at Creative Biolabs are multidisciplinary, but almost all-around immunotherapy, one of the most attractive therapeutic tracts currently.

“We prepared virus antibody products to help researchers with their projects involving not only virology research but infections, as well as corresponding therapeutic routes.” Said the specialist. “Our antibodies give hands to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, developed based upon our previous experience dealing with the SARS and MERS epidemics. Similarly, those antibodies are helpful to boost the development of preventive vaccines against viral infection.”

There is a lot more to say when it comes to vaccine development, for which Creative Biolabs created a systematic scheme covering vaccine design, formulation development, all the way to vaccine safety and potency validation. Not to mention various vaccines that offer first-hand support, just to name a few, anti-idiotype vaccine and antigen vaccine, are within reach at Creative Biolabs.

“mRNA vaccines, which have yielded brilliant results in the battle against COVID-19, is one of our fortes,” added the specialist, “benefiting from our exclusive nucleic acid therapy development platform and expertise in mRNA engineering, like mRNA synthesis, RNA methylation, and iPS cell reprogramming by mRNA.”

Creative Biolabs is always keeping a close eye on the industry trend and has averted its gaze on protein degradation therapy in recent years. Like always, its specialists have coined a one-stop platform, integrating bioconjugate tactics and allowing for the development, validation, and engineering of PROTAC molecules. One of its representatives is BRD4 PROTAC.

“With so much to see and learn in 2023, we’re eager to excavate more potentials in immunotherapy to improve human health,” commented the specialist, “and hopefully, with the joint efforts both of academia and pharmaceuticals, promising outcomes will finally arrive for ongoing blueprint projects.”

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Creative Biolabs is a CRO endeavoring for improvements in therapeutics, providing expert solutions for global researchers, especially those working on immunotherapy. Creative Biolabs has implemented multiple events to its 2023 agenda and has accomplished its exhibition tour for the month of January. The next approaching conference sessions are the PEGS Summit in May and BIO 2023 in June.

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