ViDiLOOK’s internal testing is a complete success, and CEO Conrad Simon Swailes will kick off the global roadshow in Hong Kong

March 03 22:18 2023

According to the report on March 5th, ViDiLOOK, the world’s first media+blockchain circulation platform, has successfully completed its two-month internal testing and will start its global roadshow in Hong Kong on March 9th. ViDiLOOK will also concentrate its internal professional strength to continue deepening the digital video business application scenarios and accelerate the development in the blockchain new media field.

After two years of development by the technical team, the ViDiLOOK APP began its internal testing pilot in January 2023, achieving amazing results in the participating regions of South Asia, Western Europe, and North America. Within two months, ViDiLOOK has already surpassed 500,000 registered users, with 783 large enterprises and strategic partners placing ads on the platform. The advertising revenue profit generated in two months has exceeded 600 million US dollars.

ViDiLOOK’s APP has been deployed on Google and Apple stores, achieving the goal of stable internal testing operations. It has shown excellent performance in profit models, community building, and consensus mechanisms. ViDiLOOK has also attracted the attention of the investment community with its new model that combines traditional advertising broadcasting industry and WEB3.0. Many top capital firms are interested in this new model, with new strategic investments reaching 900 million US dollars.

ViDiLOOK has made a positive contribution to the development of the digital economy industry, breaking through the traditional model of the advertising industry and sharing advertising revenue with millions of ordinary people. Users only need to watch videos and ads to receive a share of the advertising revenue. 500,000 practitioners from different industries have shared the huge traffic dividend of the WEB3.0 era, with participants receiving a total of 478 million US dollars in advertising revenue sharing. The successful internal testing of ViDiLOOK proves that its business path is feasible and provides important experience for the innovation of the global digital economy.

ViDiLOOK CEO Conrad Simon Swailes said: “ViDiLOOK will kick off our global public beta on March 9th in Hong Kong. Both East Asia and Southeast Asia are currently the most vibrant regions in the global economy. Our strategic partners here also have very strong market resources and influence. ViDiLOOK hopes to center in Hong Kong and radiate throughout the Asia-Pacific region to create a leading ecosystem for the future digital economy.”

About ViDiLOOK:

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2021, ViDiLOOK initially received a $90 million investment in Series A round and was strategically invested by Kadokawa Corporation. It is a technology company focused on “blockchain+advertising new media” and has reached in-depth cooperation with more than 80 countries’ information self-media platforms and data integration organizations worldwide. ViDiLOOK is committed to seamless linking of global advertisers and traffic individuals while helping new media users maximize revenue realization.

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