Ordinal Technology Unlocked the True Power and Designed an Ordinal Dogecoin on the Bitcoin Blockchain

March 02 02:51 2023
Ordinal Dogecoin has emerged as an original memecoin which was created by combining ordinal and smart contracts on Ethereum.

In the latest development, Ordinal Dogecoin as an original memecoin is now available on the original blockchain, Bitcoin. Ordinal technology unlocked the true power of the Bitcoin network in the form of Ordinal $DOGE. The $oDOGE is successfully designed by combining ordinal and smart contracts on Ethereum, which is fully hosted on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Original $oDOGE ordinal lives permanently on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Blockchain is an emerging secure digital ledger that is able to store all transactions made by any cryptocurrency.

The ordinal coin is fully fractionalized and wrapped from Bitcoin to Ethereum and utilized from an Ordinal to an ERC-721 to an ERC-20 token. The original $oDOGE can now interact with dApps/DEXessent on ETH Miannet.

In addition, Ordinal $oDOGE tokenomics is utilized to supply the token for tax and start liquidity as well. For token supply, 1,000,000,000,000,000 $oDOGE is used. To purchase or sell the $oDOGE, a 0% tax will be paid by the users. Its liquidity starting from 4ETH, burned forever.

Furthermore, with the new development, ordinal technology is set to increase its popularity in the blockchain world. Like more prominent cryptocurrencies from JPEGs on Bitcoin and then memecoin on Bitcoin Original, $oDOGE is a unique feature coin and secure for mining. The blockchain rewards miners for their work by creating more Dogecoin on a daily basis.

About the Project – Ordinal Dogecoin

Ordinal Dogecoin is a newly designed original memecoin created by combining ordinal and smart contracts on Ethereum. The ordinal technology opened the true power of the Bitcoin Network in the way of $oDOGE. The $oDOGE is increasingly popular for its unique features and secure transitions. It is designed by combining ordinal and smart contracts on Ethereum, which is completely facilitated on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Furthermore, potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in Ordinal Dogecoin can visit the project’s official website or check out their social platforms for more details.

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Ordinal Dogecoin

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