Scenario Cards help People Seeking a Deeper Connection with their conversation cards

January 02 20:46 2023
Scenario Cards is a Netherlands-based company offering unique conversation cards. Roel Vogels, the company’s founder, shared with us why their conversation starters are getting so much traction in the world right now.

Vogels is the founder of Scenario Cards, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce businesses that provides powerful “What If?” questions, developed by therapists, that help people overcome their insecurities and social anxiety, so they can focus on what truly matters most to them.

Inspired by his journey of burnout, Roel Vogels set out on a mission to help people explore deeper conversations and start living in accord with their true purposes without the need for an expensive life coach. 

One of the best-selling products in the company’s catalog, the Find Purpose Box, features 150+ meaningful conversation starters designed to help the customer establish a deeper connection with themselves and their loved ones.

Vogels touched on the importance of Scenario Cards and said that they could be used to obtain more clarity on people’s purpose in life. One of their impactful questions is: “What if you could learn the answer to any one question, what would you ask?”

“You could follow up and ask why the answer to that question is important for you to know. It’s likely that your answer will reveal something you truly care about or show an area within your personal development where you’d like to accelerate your growth,” said Vogels. 

Another exceptionally impactful question card in the “Find Purpose Box” asks the question “What if you died tomorrow, what would be your biggest regret about?”. Vogels talked about the meaning behind answers provided in difficult situations, imparting:

“We often postpone or ignore our deepest desires for the sake of success or a career. Having a limited time left to live helps up prioritize what it’s really all about,” Vogels said. 

The “Find Purpose” scenarios also touch on the topics of long-term seclusion, creating a scenario in which one of the conversation members is released from a ten-year prison sentence, and asking how they would spend their first day of freedom. 

“When released, where would you run to? What would invigorate and revivify you? How do you know it would? They remind you that you can choose how you live,” said Roel Vogels.

Childhood is a bank of some of the fondest memories for most people, but many would gladly change a thing or two if given the chance. To establish a deeper connection with any person, Roel stated that childhood-related questions could give a glimpse into their progress of maturity:

“Your childhood shaped your personality. Answering scenarios on this topic will help you acknowledge why you are who you are today, as well as what parts of your childhood you’re ready to let go of,” Vogels said.

Scenario Cards’ “Find Purpose Box” features 150+ scenario questions developed by therapists to help the customer uncover their purpose. They spark mini-coaching sessions and help users understand their friends and colleagues on a different level. More information about Scenario Cards is available on the company’s official website.

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