Introducing Paperade: The AI-Powered Tool Bridging the Worlds of Academia & Business

January 02 17:12 2023
Paperade, the first AI-powered product to generate commercial use cases & startup ideas from academic research, has officially launched. The company is offering a free trial to new users.

Research papers and academic studies are a goldmine for innovation, but people need the right tool to extract practical knowledge and synthesize it all, right? That’s where Paperade comes in.

Using the latest in AI technology and proprietary algorithms, Paperade quickly scans through over 100 million scholarly articles, abstracts, studies, and more to extract insights in mere seconds. The company says, “It’s like having a PhD in startup ideas” – all without the lengthy education or hefty tuition fee. 

The idea for the company was inspired by a business school article exploring commercialization drivers of academic science. “I created Paperade to turn groundbreaking research into real-world solutions,” said Elijah Buford, Founder & CEO of Paperade. “We’re looking forward to seeing how our technology helps fuel new discoveries over the next few years.”

Paperade has assembled a top-notch advisory board comprised of experts from renowned institutions, such as Mayo Clinic and The Johns Hopkins University, who are dedicated to further enhancing their capabilities and ensuring that customers receive the best information possible. 

The benefits of using Paperade are numerous. Companies and entrepreneurs can now turn academic discoveries into actionable business solutions more quickly and easily than ever before. It also helps them stay ahead of the competition by capitalizing on the latest research findings first. Additionally, universities have a powerful tool at their disposal when researching new ideas and turning them into marketable products or services.

The launch of Paperade is set against a backdrop of increasing investment into R&D as reported by Milken Institute 2017 report which highlighted, “research universities are one of the strongest assets America can use to compete in the age of innovation…research funding should be a top priority for enhancing American economic growth.” 

One thing is certain: this company is poised to lead the industry forward with its innovative AI-powered tool – creating a bridge between academia and business that everyone can take advantage of.

To sign-up for a free trial of Paperade, please visit for more details.

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