Elegant Showers: The West Midlands’ Premier Online Bathroom Retailer

January 02 12:04 2023
Elegant Showers: The West Midlands' Premier Online Bathroom Retailer
Elegant Showers – online bathroom retailers in the UK
Elegant Showers is one of the leading brands in the UK, manufacturing and supplier for bathroom accessories and home furniture.

For Homeowners and interior designers looking for the latest designed best and long-run bathroom accessories, Elegant Showers has a huge collection of quality bathroom essentials and decorative products that will add beautiful looks to your bathroom and remain for a longer period. Elegant Showers is one of the leading brands in the UK, manufacturing and supplier for bathroom accessories and home furniture. It offers a wide range of bathroom furnishings, including showers, toilets, basins, and more. Elegant Showers prides itself on providing customers with high-quality products at an affordable price.

As per Wikipedia data, “40,000 toilet-related injuries have happened every year in the USA itself“.

It is common to find people dying in the bathroom due to slips and other issues caused by low-quality equipment and lack of advancement in their regular bathroom. One intelligent person can choose the right brand of products to avoid such unnatural events.

The range of products offered by the company includes bath screens, shower trays, radiators, led mirrors, bathroom furniture, home furniture, showers etc. Those basic instrument designs add fantasy looks to every house. 

Bath Screens: Bath screens are a very important part of a bathroom. They provide a barrier between the tub and the rest of the bathroom so that the water stays in the tub and doesn’t get on the floor. They also offer a little privacy for those who want to bathe in the tub without their children or significant other seeing them. There are many different styles of bath screens, so you should consider what type you want. 

Shower trays: Nowadays, the shower tray is a needless component for every bathroom. Hence it helps drain away water effectively and protect the bathroom floor to last longer. Elegranshowers offers square trays, rectangular trays, quadrant trays and quadrant off-set shower trays. These well-designed anti-slip slate effect shower trays UK prevent you from falling in the bathroom.

Radiators:  Radiators are important in heating your home during the colder months. They can also help cool your home during the warmer months. Radiators are especially useful for people who live in apartments or smaller homes. They can also be used to help heat the rooms in the winter. In the summer, it is best to use a fan to help cool the room instead. It is best to have a radiator in every room in your home. Elegant Showers offer radiators that will keep your home heated or cool and must fit with your available space. The wide range of radiators at Elegant Showers will also enhance your home look. 

Led Mirrors: Another top-quality product offered by Elegant Showers is Led Mirrors. These led mirrors are available in different shapes, and you can choose them as per your bathroom look, which can enhance further. Based on the design, size and features, you have many options like Vertical LED Bathroom Mirrors, Horizontal LED Bathroom Mirrors, Round LED Bathroom Mirrors, Make Up Mirrors, LED Bathroom Mirror With Shaving Sockets, Round Bathroom Mirrors With Lights, Backlit Bathroom Mirrors with Lights, Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors. With Bluetooth mirrors, anyone can play songs from their mobile phone.


Elegant Showers is one of the most trusted online bathroom retailers with roots in the West Midlands. Founded in 1988, the company made great strides worldwide in 2013. From there, Elegant Showers grew quickly. Since beginning their plans as a bathroom furniture manufacturer, they have integrated the know-how to market the best and most impressive pattern designs, product quality impact, and available price and convenience.

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