Central Bristol Plumbing is Proud to Announce the New Ukraine Fund in Support of All of the Effort Required to Help Ukrainians

January 02 16:33 2023
Central Bristol Plumbing is Proud to Announce the New Ukraine Fund in Support of All of the Effort Required to Help Ukrainians

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Central Bristol plumbing has started a fund which will allow customers to give money to the Ukraine cause once they have had a plumbing job completed at their home or business this is in response to a realisation that many customers wanted to have plumbing completed but also wanted to help support the cause.

So far the response from the plumbing customers has been very positive as many have commented that the ease at which they are able to donate really help them and brings to the forefront of their mind the need to give charitable donations to support this worthy cause.

Customers are being encouraged to round up the price of their plumbing jobs and donate the extra pans to the Ukraine fund so that they will not noticed they are paying money to a good cause as in their mind it is as though they have just not received something so it is giving but without the hard work and efforts that match giving often entails.

So far the response from customers willing to donate to the good cause has been between 5 and 10% which means that on an average day we can have one or two donations that will be given to the good cause and this of course when added up over the course of a month or a year will hopefully have a significant impact on the funds available to the Ukrainian cause.

The idea came about when one of the plumber’s realised that many people who were having plumbing jobs completed were commenting on the suffering they felt the Ukrainians were in during so he suggested that they could donate money via the plumbing service as this would mean they could fulfil their need to help others while getting their plumbing done.

The charity idea has been such a great success that the plumbers are considering what other types of charity and good services for the community could also be offered in conjunction with plumbing as this model of helping the needy while actually doing your work is obviously a fantastic way to promote good work in the community through business.

Tom Wise from Central Bristol plumbing has commented that the giving nature of so many plumbing customers and a good heart and good spirits of plumbers in general means that combining such a wonderful cause as the Ukrainian migrant refugee displacement service means that plumbers are really able to make a fulfilling contribution to the community and good work.

It is very common nowadays for businesses to support local causes and charities so any way in which this can be adapted to meet the needs of those who could benefit from such exercises is always a welcome effort.

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