AgelessRx Provides Online Access to a Novel Biological Age Calculator That is Based on Phenotypic Age Research

December 29 17:14 2022
The scientific breakthrough can predict differences in mortality risk, physical functioning, cognitive performance, and facial aging among people of similar ages

Progression in age is accompanied by numerous physiological and mental changes, as well as a drop in the body’s overall wellbeing. To curtail the radical impacts of aging, extensive studies have been carried out to develop a novel aging measure that estimates an individual’s phenotypic age when compared to the chronological age based on key hematological and biochemical markers in the body. The phenotypic age helps to reveal the individual’s susceptibility to the risks of age-related and hereditary diseases that may ultimately lead to death. AgelessRx is committed to raising awareness about the importance of phenotypic age determiners while increasing their accessibility to a wider audience.

AgelessRx is a telehealth longevity platform that specializes in anti-aging techniques and prescriptions  as the  platform is stocked with affordable and readily accessible longevity products that can help slow down the accumulation of aging-related damage. The telehealth longevity platform is on a mission to help people live fuller, longer, and more fulfilling lives by enabling them to determine the inherent differences in their biological systems that may predispose them to certain health risks earlier than other individuals within the same age range. The knowledge of one’s phenotypic age is important, as this awareness is able to curb certain deleterious habits, influence lifestyle choices such as regular exercise and a healthy diet that keeps sickness at bay.

The telehealth longevity platform launched the AgelessRx biological age calculator on its website, which displays a comprehensive phenotypic age report based on new or existing blood test samples. The AgelessRx biological calculator delivers a result that is comprised of major parameters such as albumin, creatinine, glucose, lymphocyte, mean cell volume, red blood cell width, alkaline phosphatase, and white blood cell values, which are reliable indicators of the immune system, metabolic function, liver, and kidney function of the client’s body. Furthermore, the measure of the phenotypic age stems from extensive research by scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles, and is the product of a series of tests carried out on over eleven thousand adults within the ages of 20 to 84 years in order to arrive at a statistically accurate estimation of the phenotypic ages. 

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AgelessRx provides a better alternative to traditional anti-aging clinics as the  telehealth longevity platform has the opportunity to service clients in all fifty states in the United States through their website. The platform has eliminated the geographical constraints of finding a convenient anti-aging outlet therefore allowing  its patients the ability to get rapid, doctor-assisted care as well as personally prescribed products from the comfort of their homes.

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