A Nuclear Warhead Stolen Off a US Ship in Yokosuka, Japan for Humanitarian Reasons? The Siren Sea: A Novel by Brian R. Pellar

December 28 22:54 2022
A Nuclear Warhead Stolen Off a US Ship in Yokosuka, Japan for Humanitarian Reasons? The Siren Sea: A Novel by Brian R. Pellar
“A fresh tale, from a fresh, accomplished writer” — Thomas Keneally, author of Schindler’s List

“The way to do it is by stealing a weapon in a place so sensitive, so outrageous, it will cause an enormous upheaval of emotion and pain. Enough so that even if the military tries to cover it up, it couldn’t — the public outcry would be so great. Then and only then would governments and institutions react. And change.”

The Siren Sea is a literary novel with thriller elements. Through the release of Freedom of Information documents in 2020, including a sailor’s journal, details of the “Fuji Jiken” nuclear weapon incident are unveiled within the story: In 1977, while playing chess, two sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Midway entertain the idea of how to get a nuclear weapon past security — as the system is set up to keep someone from getting in, not out. However, their game turns serious after several traumatizing mishaps, and they commit to taking a W57 nuclear warhead off the ship in Yokosuka, Japan for humanitarian reasons. They plan to take the warhead to Mt. Fuji, notify the press, and become heroes. . .

The Siren Sea is unique in that it is based on Pellar’s four years in the US Navy working on special ordinance and his two years stationed aboard the USS Midway in Japan. An early version of the novel enabled him to be accepted into Iowa’s MFA fiction program (the number one graduate writing program in the country) and UC Irvine’s MFA program. He chose Irvine’s, as they offered scholarships and teaching (plus he got to work with Thomas Keneally, author of Schindler’s List).


Pellar dropped out of High School at 17 (never attending 12th grade) and joined the US Navy. Because he graduated first in his Navy GMT “A” school class, he was allowed to be the first person to pick the available billets. Without hesitation, he chose the aircraft carrier USS Midway.

After serving two years aboard the USS Midway in Japan (where he earned his high school diploma and took eight college classes), Pellar then spent a year and a half at a naval magazine on Guam, where he earned an associates degree in science. While still serving on active duty, Pellar was accepted to UC Irvine, where he not only earned two undergraduate degrees, but got the chance to study biology at the University of Sussex in England for a year. In 1996, after graduating from UC Irvine’s MFA program, Pellar moved to San Juan Island in Washington. While on San Juan Island, he was fortunate to meet the artist Chris Mikulasek, who taught him traditional bronze sculpting. Pellar’s interest in sculpture eventually led to the installation of a permanent life-size bronze statue, “Form No. 2,” in the Chancellor’s Rose Garden at UC Irvine, and a large bronze sculpture in Da Guan Park, Kunming, China. He also designed UC Irvine’s anteater-head ceremonial graduation mace. In 2017 Pellar published the academic book Moby-Dick and Melville’s Anti-Slavery Allegory (Palgrave Macmillan), with the book’s peer review concluding: “An indispensable reader’s guide to the Great American Novel [Moby-Dick and Melville’s Anti-Slavery Allegory] will become required reading in undergraduate and graduate courses in American literature.” Pellar has also authored six academic papers on the origins of the alphabet with the journal Sino-Platonic Papers.

Please review the video trailer for the book below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz_kdMx_pH0

For more information on Brian R. Pellar, and to see examples of his artwork, visit www.brianpellar.com

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