Discover the Connection of Music and a Successful Mindset With Tom Booth’s New Book

December 28 22:07 2022

The author believes that success is seeking never-ending growth and achievement.

One of the many reasons why people struggle with achieving their goals is because they don’t use or hone their already-existing skills. The pages of The Power of Leadership with Tom Booth (now on Amazon) explain to readers how finding their special talent, sharpening it, and constantly chasing success will lead them to heights greater than they could ever imagine. The story of the author elucidates these principles as he goes through his passions, struggles, and successes.

Tom Booth has chosen and lived a life founded on passion and purpose, starting with a decades-long career in music and opera. His continued personal growth in this field led him to expand into the exciting world of business and marketing. By working with top mentors and building his experiences as a teacher and leader, Tom has supported both his fields — music and marketing. To him, both of them go hand in hand. His mission is to guide his business partners to the highest levels of performance through vision, inspiration, and direction in the same way a conductor brings out the best in a great orchestra.

He encourages his readers to be “conductors” in their lives: “Just like music, skills and mindset must be practiced. And a leader helps guide his team in practicing those skills and thought patterns the same way a conductor guides the singers and orchestra to reach their best heights.”

For Tom, leadership and success are intimately tied to being independent. He explains that it is the duty of every individual to step up and deliver. This requires a growth mindset where one has to hone their already-existing skills, embrace challenges, and dive deep into personal learning. Only then can one stand out and lead others.

“In many respects, we lead as a team of leaders, not just someone who thinks they are the head of the pack. At times, you need to stand up and stand out, but real strength is in bringing others with you,” says Tom.

The Power of Leadership with Tom Booth will inspire readers to seek growth, chase excellence, and hone their talents so they can lead others to do the same.

Larry A Waldhoff, chairman of Piano Network of Illinois, speaks of Tom’s strong sense of integrity and honesty: “I have known Thomas “Tom” Booth for twenty-plus years! During this time, I’ve always respected his musical ability and talent. His background, education, learning, training, determination, and perseverance all reflect in his past performances. Since 2018, Tom has represented our companies. Throughout his life, he has expressed his love for music, inspiring others to become involved in the joy of music! Tom has been outstanding! He has represented our companies with high integrity, trust, and honesty, always having the betterment of the customer in mind.”

Rev. Eric N. Swanson, the senior pastor of Grace United Methodist Church, explains how Tom embodies the skills of a true leader: “I get the honor of working with Tom on a weekly basis at our local church, where Tom brings his gifts of music through leading worship with the organ and providing his voice for times of gifting. His quality is beyond what we would anticipate, but further than these gifts is the gift of his leadership within the congregation. Tom, as a gifted musician, takes time with all of our musicians of all talent levels to attain the best of themselves. The highest caliber leaders will always take their gifts to uplift others in the room while uplifting the entire program, and Tom is a prime example of this form of leadership.”

The Power of Leadership with Tom Booth is now for sale on Amazon.

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