How 64-year-old Alex is Slaying TikTok with more than 10M views on 1 video and 200K followers in just 6 months.

December 28 09:00 2022
How 64-year-old Alex is Slaying TikTok with more than 10M views on 1 video and 200K followers in just 6 months.
Alex’s TikTok account, boasting over 200k followings within 6 months.
64-year-old Bootstrap Entrepreneur, now semi-retired, cracked the TikTok Code and built a 200K following with 2M views.

Did you know that a secret group of retirees are silently making a good income by posting on Social Media?

Meet 64-year-old Alex.

Alex went for Compounding Creator class offered by Next Level, and he took massive action.

He had ZERO entrepreneurship or marketing experience. He started with $0 when he first tried building a community on Social Media.

Alex truly started from scratch.

One advantage Alex had was that he was a grandfather and knew exactly how to build strong family relationships – that was something he was comfortable sharing.

6 Months later, Alex has built a following of over 221K people with around 1.9M likes.

After building a significant following, Alex was able to identify problems that his audience was willing to pay for. Hence, he made his first dollar by teaching his audience about family and marriage relationship building. His family members were shocked when he first shared this with them.

Today, he has launched a thriving family coaching business that makes a few thousand dollars monthly. These are results that Alex wouldn’t ever dream of getting. He’s happily in semi-retirement as a part-time Family Coach, as he can easily make a few thousand dollars by conducting a workshop.

Now, if you’re over 35 and on the sidelines looking into the creator economy and wondering: “Am I too Old for this?”

“There’s one thing you should know: ‘The Creator Economy Doesn’t Discriminate’. You can be in your 50s, 60s, and 70s and be crushing it on Social Media – not every creator has to be young, cute, and good-looking. All you have to do is to Create Content that People Want.” Says the Next Level spokesperson

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