Find The Meaning Of Friendship With The Book Charlie Finds Way By Kirk Muesse

December 28 08:53 2022
Find The Meaning Of Friendship With The Book Charlie Finds Way By Kirk Muesse

Have you ever noticed how bikers always stay together and never split up? They might seem like they are a mean gang, but they can be some of the loveliest people you will ever meet. Their loyalty and trust for each other go beyond the surface and are sure to keep you inspired. Taking this theme, Kirk Muesse has written a book to highlight friendship in the most conventional way.

A bike named Charlie is a two-wheeler and loves riding with his friends. They are a cool gang of bikes that stick together through thick and thin. They have fun and are seen together all the time. It does not matter if it’s day or night, their friendship does not see an end. But what will happen when Charlie loses his way and is separated from his gang? Will the gang ever unite, or will they be left detached from each other? Well, you’d have to find out when you read this book.

The illustrations used in this book have been specially curated to depict the feelings behind the rad gang of bikes. They have an old rustic biker feel to them and are sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys a vintage vibe. The content of the book is written in rhymes. Each ending word flows into the next sentence and makes a complete section of a beautiful full poem. The creativity and imagination in this book are sure to keep the reader entertained.

The contents of this book are not very long and end with an excellent message of friendship and sticking together. Get your hands on this book as soon as it releases. It is now  out on platforms including Amazon in Kindle eBook and Paperback versions!

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