5TH Wheel Showcases High-Tech E-Bikes and Innovative E-Scooters At The 2023 CES Exhibition

December 27 22:21 2022
5TH Wheel is a highly innovative manufacturer of modern e-bikes, e-scooters, self balancing scooters, children’s balance bikes and accessories. The company will be showcasing their unique lineup of bikes and scooters at the prestigious 2023 CES Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Renowned e-bike and e-scooter manufacturer 5TH Wheel is now proud to be taking part in The 2023 CES International Consumer Electronics Show, being held at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. From January 5th till January 8th, 5TH Wheel will showcase its lineup of more than 20 high-tech and innovative travel products, which includes not only e-bikes and e-scooters, but also offers self balancing scooters, children’s balancing bikes, children’s scooters, accessories and much more. This event serves as a significant milestone for 5TH Wheel, as the company’s unique vision will be noticed by prominent investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Merging travel and fitness into one niche, 5TH Wheel aims to create products that help people get to places safer and faster, while also maintaining their health and fitness goals.

Fully geared for innovation and success at all fronts, 5TH Wheel is a dynamic new brand under the Invanti umbrella. With a unique mission to make public travel easy, accessible and healthy for the masses, 5TH Wheel has already populated the market with self balancing scooters, electric scooters, electric assisted bicycles and other intelligent transportation tools. With a brand new and highly comprehensive user experience, 5THWheel is bringing fun back to public travel, while also encouraging people to opt for green traveling options.

One of the most prominent models from the 5TH Wheel lineup, the D1 Electric Power-Assisted Bicycle is pictured below. The unique and stylish design of the D1 creates immense aesthetic appeal, while its dual-purpose features offer both indoor fitness and outdoor travel modes. The self-developed AICA assist algorithm can provide a variety of assist modes to meet individual riding needs. The frame of the D1 e-bike is made with magnesium alloy, which is lighter and stronger than aluminum alloy. In addition to traditional power charging, D1 also provides two energy recovery modes: braking charging and fitness charging. This greatly improves mileage and minimizes carbon emissions, which ultimately helps users save time, and travel without any hassle.

Pictured below is the X1 Mountain E-Bike from 5TH Wheel, which has been designed as a full suspension e-bike. With 250W mid drive motors, this highly tactile and agile model is fabricated from aluminum alloy, which allows for effortless mountain riding, thus eliminating physical stress for the rider. The X1’s lithium-ion battery offers high endurance, while also being capable of fast charging. This sporty, durable and elegant e-bike enhances the experience of mountain biking enthusiasts with its Shimano 10 speed. The X1 also features high-tech front and rear hydraulic and pneumatic shock absorption systems.

The R2 E-Bike pictured below has been designed for daily urban commutes. This model features a dual disc brake system for stable braking and sensitive handling. This ensures passenger safety and comfort in all weather conditions.

Pictured below are the two electric scooters from the 5TH Wheel lineup. Named Max and G1, both of the scooters feature a unique large tire design pattern, which enhances the overall riding experience. While the premium rubber wheel offers increased shock absorption, the unique folding body of both scooter models allows for easy storage, handling and transportation. Both bikes come with 3 preset modes, which includes energy-saving mode, standard mode and sports mode. Users can switch between these modes easily based on their traveling situation, which further enhances the riding experience of these scooters.

Further diversifying 5TH Wheel’s lineup, self balancing scooter and children’s balance bikes are intelligently programmed to offer a fun experience for young ages, while also ensuring safety and comfort.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for 2023 has been sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CTA). With a mission to integrate cutting-edge electronic technology into various fields of modern living, products from around the world are displayed at the annual CEST event. Having started in 1967. The CES show has become a globally renowned event where companies can introduce their high-tech products to the world, and advocate for the future of human living. Being the largest and most imposing consumer technology event in the world, 5TH Wheel is fully geared to make their presence known at the 2023 CES show. 

Over time, 5TH Wheel has obtained more than 100 patent technologies, including more than 30 core patent technologies. All of these unique technologies are implemented across the 5TH Wheel product portfolio, in order to ensure that the user experience is truly one-of-a-kind. The product research and development team at 5TH Wheel is highly passionate about creating state-of-the-art products that are noticed and appreciated by big names in the consumer tech arena. With more than 20 products being displayed at the 2023 CES show, 5TH Wheel aims to inspire new trends in the travel and transport sector. 

A spokesperson for 5TH Wheel made an official statement to the press, “The 2023 CES Show is a big milestone for 5TH Wheel, as it will introduce our high-tech travel and transport products to the international market. Targeting a completely new demographic of buyers and investors, we are sure that our e-bikes, e-scooters, self balancing scooters, children’s balance bikes and accessories will gain major traction at the event, and will inspire industry trends for years to come.”

More details about 5TH Wheel and their entire product catalog can be seen at 5thwheel.life.

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