Author Richard W. Geiger’s “Inalienable Rights versus Abuse: A Commonsense Approach to Public Policy,” is a 2023 must-read book on public policy and social justice.

December 26 19:57 2022
Inalienable Rights Versus Abuse provides readers with the tools to recognize abuse and injustice in schools, the workplace, religious institutions, and the government.

Author Richard W. Geiger’s Inalienable Rights versus Abuse: A Commonsense Approach to Public Policy, a straightforward book intended primarily to provide readers with the tools to resist abuse and injustice, is now available in leading digital stores globally.

Few individuals look to explore public policy with a more nuanced and deeper perspective. For Mr. Geiger, it is vital to realize that everything begins with learning that the United States and the rights described in the Declaration of Independence belong to all the people rather than only to the elite who control Wall Street. 

Inalienable Rights versus Abuse is an excellent book for individuals who care enough to resist the abusers who cause others to suffer unnecessarily. According to Mr. Geiger, caring Americans can start doing something by understanding and recognizing abuse. One cannot resist what one does not recognize. 

“Everyone deserves to experience their individual, inalienable rights,” writes Mr. Geiger. These rights include living in a healthfully optimal fashion, working productively, accessing the common good, choosing freely, and being free of social injustice. 

Mr. Geiger himself was bullied through grade school and high school. When he became aware that school bullying was still a serious problem in 2012, the memory of his childhood abuse motivated him to search for a solution to student bullying. He came to realize that bullying is just one of many types of abuse in America and that the entire American culture of abuse needed to be eliminated in order to stop school bullying. 

Mr. Geiger wrote Inalienable Rights versus Abuse: A Commonsense Approach to Public Policy in his spare time while working full time as an attendant for a person with MS. He has earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Services and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Systems. Mr. Geiger also authored the e-book, Social Justice: A Political Philosophy for Progressives.

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