The New Personal Status Law KSA: An Important Leap in Saudi Law

December 26 10:19 2022
The New Personal Status Law KSA: An Important Leap in Saudi Law
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Saudi Arabia has always been the most rapidly developing Arab country. This is evident in the legal field as well. In early 2022, the Saudi government approved a new personal status law. This law regulates issues of marriage, divorce, and inheritance by Islamic law. you can check the website of lawyers in Jeddah

Jeddah lawyer in KSA will explain to you the most important provisions of this law:

One of the most important provisions of this law is that it sets eighteen years of age as the minimum age for marriage for a girl and prohibits her from marrying before this age. This point is considered a qualitative leap that contributes to increasing collective awareness in the Kingdom. The legislator assumed that this age is the beginning of the girl’s physical and mental maturity and the beginning of preparation for building a cohesive family by the teachings of Islamic law.

The new Saudi law also regulated the alimony imposed on a man towards his wife. It required him to support her according to regulations that included the basics of food, clothing, and independent housing. you can see the website: best lawyer in Jeddah

It is worth noting that Jeddah lawyer in KSA at Al-Safwa Law Firm and Legal Consultations is always ready to help you, my dear sister, to obtain your legal rights from your husband with advice first and an attempt to reconcile between the spouses second, and with the law whose authority does not prevail over his authority finally. With its outstanding staff, the Al-Safwa office was classified as one of the 25 best lawyers in Jeddah for the year 2022, thanks to its long experience in divorce, alimony, and child custody cases. please see more KSA Jeddah lawyers

Immediately after the law’s issuance, Mr. Hussein Al Dadai, one of the best Jeddah lawyers in KSA, handled many cases related to this law. Including issues of marriage to a foreigner. As we know, Saudi law imposes some critical conditions on a Saudi man who wants to marry a foreign woman. These conditions include obtaining approval from the authority in which the husband works if he is an officer or policeman.

Lawyer Mohammed Al-Dossary is considered a Jeddah lawyer in KSA. His office has long experience in the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related to personal status law, including divorce and child custody. This is why the new Saudi law has reaffirmed its importance. As any Jeddah lawyer in KSA seeks, with the help of the Saudi judiciary, to reach the best formula of understanding between the spouses who intend to divorce in the interest of the children first. Considering that children are the fruit that must be preserved under any circumstances.

The new Saudi Status Law grants women many privileges denied

The new Saudi Status Law grants women many privileges denied them in previous years. It is allowed her to divorce without the husband’s consent in several cases. And preserves her rights and the rights of her children. The new personal status law regulated inheritance issues by Islamic law. He gave everyone his rights. Hiring an expert lawyer in inheritance cases will save you from many uncomfortable family meetings. Jeddah lawyer in KSA will avoid disturbing communication with your relatives.

If you are nervous and feel confused, a Jeddah lawyer in KSA will definitely help you. Lawyer Mohammed Al-Dosari is considered one of the 15 best lawyers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He has settled many cases in the field of personal status law in favor of his clients. However, this law has been in place for a relatively short period.

If you feel anxious and confused and are going through a difficult time, do not hesitate to go to the nearest Jeddah lawyer in KSA to save a lot of money and time by handing over your case to an expert lawyer.

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