Underground Art and Design and XEV Brings Opportunities to Aspiring Artists and Designers with 2023 Y. O. Design Lab Awards

December 26 11:15 2022
Underground Art and Design (UAAD) is an online media platform serving as a hub for emerging artists and designers. In collaboration with XEV, Underground Art and Design is co-organizing the 2023 Y. O. Design Lab Awards and receiving new entries in Graphic and 3D Modeling Design for XEV YOYO customizable and 3d-printable exterior part.

Founded by Xiaofan Jiang, the Underground Art and Design went from a small collective of free thinkers, artists, and art enthusiasts to a budding community filled with geniuses, experts, and aspiring art prodigies, soared in popularity and members in record time. Continuing to support up-and-coming artists and designers, UAAD is organizing the 2023 Y.O. Design Lab Awards with XEV, offering a prize fund of $6,350 and a variety of exquisite benefits to selected artists. 

Selected works will be featured on one of the Times Square Digital Billboards and some of the broadest-reaching media sites on the web. Winners will also receive certificates, and an opportunity to harness XEV’s groundbreaking technologies and expertise in producing the exterior part with their artwork on it are some of the numerous advantages winners of the 2023 Design Lab Awards will reap. 

This exciting event is co-organized by UAAD, a premier media platform for emerging artists and designers worldwide, and XEV, an electric vehicle technology company on a mission to revolutionize the vehicle industry with artistic inventions, bleeding-edge tech, and forward-thinking ideas. XEV YOYO use millimetre-level high-precision 3D printing technology to create a wide variety of designs on selected components of the car. Alongside this, there are also official customized options for customers to choose, making the YOYO a stylish, fun, and innovative electric vehicle.

The Y.O. Design Lab Awards is open for entries and will encompass two main categories, including 3D Modeling and 2D Graphic Design for the customizable exterior part of XEV YOYO called the Side Blade. As imparted by UAAD’s spokesperson, the event will cover a variety of sub-categories, such as but not limited to 3D texture design, embossed design, illustration, graffiti, painting, typography, and more. 

XEV YOYO, the Electric City Car, 2022

The winners of this prestigious event will be featured in numerous established news sites, have their work presented on display in one of the busiest subway stations worldwide, and have XEV produce their designs and promote them across its vast network system. 

From Market Watch, Benzinga, Digital Journal, AZ Central, Daily Herald, and Townhall Finance, to Buffalo News, The Call, News Net Michigan, Fox 43, NCN, Observer reporter, News OK, KTTC, and over 200 news outlets in total, the winning designs, illustrations, and works will be featured on some of the broadest-reaching media sites on the web. 

While fixed and preannounced prizes await the winners of Y.O. Design Lab Awards, all event participants will get to gather some of the brightest and most talented minds in the art & design industry, bounce ideas, and take part in an award that will empower artists with exciting real-brand collaboration.

The Award Jury will be comprised of upper-echelon executives, distinguished experts, and professionals from XEV, BCarr Design, and Underground Art And Design, including Lou Tik, Adva Yogev, Ian Gray, Bernadette Carr, Xiaofan Jiang, and other members. All jury members have pledged to remain objective and select the winners of the 2023 Design Lab Awards solely based on the participants’ skills, talent, and expertise in their respective fields. 

The Award Jury

According to UAAD and XEV’s spokesperson, all entry fees collected and future sales commissions will be placed into a fund to uplift and elevate emerging artists and designers through future non-profit programs. 

More information about the Y.O. Design Lab Awards and Underground Art and Design is available on the company’s official website.

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