Jeremy Shapiro of Bay Area Mastermind continues to uplevel entrepreneurs and businesses in the San Francisco Bay area and take them to the next level.

December 26 09:18 2022

Founded in 2008, the Bay Area Mastermind has been helping founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area (and around the world) take their businesses to the next level and not only thrive, but become a leading competitor in their niche.

As a successful serial-entrepreneur who, throughout his career has focused on SaaS, technology, and information marketing, Mastermind Facilitator Jeremy Shapiro has been using his knowledge and experience since 1998 to help entrepreneurs discover the core strengths in themselves and their business, unlock their true potential, combining passion and expertise to grow their businesses and attain the freedom they deserve. Fast forward 25 years, Jeremy now focuses on helping business and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area transition from “solopreneur” to “business owner” through the Bay Area Mastermind.

The San Jose Area is not only one of the wealthiest in the country, but home to countless entrepreneurs hoping to start and create a thriving business in one of the most popular and well known areas of the world. But with extreme competition, costs, and other difficulties, not only is it difficult to just start a business in Silicon Valley, it’s near impossible to thrive. For this reason, Jeremy facilitates the Bay Area Mastermind. 

“Joining the Bay Area Mastermind is one of the best things I have done for myself and for my business. The one day a month completely recharges my entrepreneurial juices and I have a virtual advisory board available by email for the in between time. I take away so much actionable information that I regularly apply to my business. As a result my business has grown by 60% and profits have grown by 400% since I joined.” –  Ryan Crownholm

The term mastermind has been around for nearly a century, being coined by Napoleon Hill. Chapter 10 of Napoleon Hill’s 1938 “Think and Grow Rich” is titled “Power of the Master Mind, The Driving Force, The Ninth Step toward Riches” with the principle being used by entrepreneurs such as Henry Ford and is still used today by major brands like Disney. They have found that, by creating their own mastermind alliance of successful and driven individuals, they create a strategic advantage by meeting regularly and discussing business concepts and brainstorming new ideas for controlling the marketplace or recreating it.

Bay Area Mastermind brings top business owners of the Bay area together once a month to analyze each entrepreneur’s business, share their struggles and successes, and provide feedback, guidance, the do’s and don’ts of their industry and what strategies need to be implemented and how to do so.

“Entrepreneurship can be a very hard and lonely journey. At some point in my biggest hurdle was there was no one above me to guide my path. People whom I can turn to for advice and get some unbiased feedback on my methods. The smartest people that I have met are my ‘virtual board of advisors’ at the Bay Area Mastermind. They say you are the average of 5 people you hang out with – and I am very glad to be a part of this mastermind that has not only provided me a village for myself, but their precious insights helped me take my business to the next level.” – Vandita Joshi

To learn more about Bay Area Mastermind and their qualification process for a full-day test drive of the group, be sure to visit their website. 

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