Gold Coast Divorce Lawyers, Collective Family Law Group, Helps Clients Navigate Property Division and Parental Arrangements

December 22 17:00 2022
Divorce can be difficult, but Collective Family Law Group can help navigate the division of property and parental arrangements for custody and visitation. The firm provides a comprehensive range of family law services, offering clients expert legal advice and representation.

Collective Family Law works to support its clients throughout every step of the separation or divorce process. From facilitating simple documents to guiding clients through intensive family law, trust the team of experts to put clients first while delivering effective results. 

“If you are contemplating separation, going through a separation, getting divorced, have any property with an ex-partner, or have children that you co-parent, it is likely at some point you may need services provided by family lawyers,” Collective Family Law founders said. “You may not know what to do, but we will.”

The Gold Coast family law firm helps clients through difficult separation and divorce proceedings. Clients can trust the team of dedicated experts to guide them through many aspects of Australian family law, such as fair property division, legal advice, custody arrangements, and more. 

Collective Family Law services

–  Division of assets held by either party
–  Parenting arrangements
–  Consent orders and binding financial agreements
–  Family law legal advice
–  Custody of children
–  Divorce applications
–  Family court proceedings
–  International family law

“When it comes to your family law and your financial security, your home, superannuation, trusts, investment properties, shares, other investments, and business, it is essential that you receive the right family law legal advice right from the beginning,” representatives for the Gold Coast family lawyers said. 

Gold Coast divorce lawyers that put family first

Parties going through separation can receive a free consultation with the experts at Collective Family Law. The firm provides expert legal advice and helps facilitate parenting arrangements and child custody on the Gold Coast. The family lawyers strive to ensure the children’s best interests remain the focus. From family dispute resolutions to in-depth custody agreements and property division, Collective Family Law is the best family lawyer on the Gold Coast. 

“When children are involved in a divorce or separation, it can make the process harder and more complicated. There are a lot of decisions to be made at a time when a lot of change is occurring for you and your children,” firm representatives said. 


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