Independent Retirement Advisors, “Go Yard” – Helping Individuals Plan for Life After Retirement

December 22 16:00 2022
Owner and operator of I.R.A. Go Yard, David D. Tuttle, assists individuals with their retirement planning. As an Independent retirement Advisor, he utilizes his proprietary Go Yard method. This method ensures that the wants and needs of an individual planning their retirement are covered.

Almost everyone looks forward to the day when they no longer need to work. Retirement planning takes effort and know-how, which can be confusing. Starting to plan for retirement early is beneficial in the long run. 

Getting a professional will ensure that all aspects of retirement meet an individual’s needs. Independent Retirement Advisors can help those struggling with their retirement. David D. Tuttle is the owner and operator of I.R.A. Go Yard. Having been a licensed insurance professional with 14 years of experience, 

David has taken that experience and plugged it into his business being an Independent Retirement Advisor. Using a holistic planning approach, he uses his knowledge to help others transition smoothly into retirement. David has achieved this by using his proprietary method known as Go Yard, which ensures that all retirement bases are covered.

Go Yard in baseball means to hit a home run. Regarding retirement, that is precisely what David D. Tuttle wants people to do with theirs. Planning can start at any age in life. Individuals who plan for retirement early are typically those who want or need to protect themselves or family members from loss. 

I.R.A. helps individuals create plans, incorporating strategies geared toward long-term success, even as individuals approach retirement. Go Yard emphasizes knowing all areas of a person’s life, not just a part of it. This comprehensive, success-driven way of doing things creates a program conducive to a successful outcome. 

With his many years of experience, David observed that most people only have parts of their retirement protected, and those with all areas covered typically utilize multiple channels to get them. I.R.A. Go Yard recognized the need and offered an all-inclusive advisory service that includes all aspects of coverage in the most efficient way to meet and exceed the needs of each individual. 

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As an independent advisor, its alliance is with the client, not the insurance company. Thus the advisor continues with clients even if they switch insurance. This puts I.R.A. in charge of the comparative analysis needed for the ever-changing landscape through retirement. 

Independent Retirement Advisors help with financial planning, investments, portfolio planning, income planning, insurance, and many others. The firm assists with Medicare health coverage, keeping people up-to-date on their benefits. The Go Yard method has caught the attention of others leading David to share his Go Yard teaching through training and speaking engagements. 

By using this holistic approach, I.R.A. ensures clients have access to the same knowledgeable advisor throughout their retirement, continuing to offer strategies to protect, preserve, and grow the client’s retirement savings. This approach effectively reduces the financial impact associated with retirement and the quality it has on a person’s life after retirement.

As a former teacher, coach, and athlete, David uses the knowledge and skills he has acquired daily, working with amazing people to ensure they are successful through retirement. He relishes the chance to help make lives better. As a former coach and athlete, David understands what it takes to get the most out of an opportunity. I. R. A. takes a competitive mentality into every situation while promoting a servant mentality. I.R.A. strives for all encounters to be honest and above board and that individuals have a relational experience, not a transactional one—putting quality over quantity. 

About the Company: 

David D. Tuttle started his career as a teacher and coach until circumstances changed due to his father’s deteriorating health. This caused him to move back to his hometown. Unfortunately, no teaching positions were open at the local schools. Another family member suggested he work in the insurance industry. Fourteen years later, after overcoming his fear of a commission-only position, he is enjoying his legacy. David uses his teaching and coaching skills daily and gets to meet and work with amazing people every day. He enjoys having the opportunity to enrich the lives of others.

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