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December 21 16:22 2022
Sport Treasures has put together some items that every hiker should carry while going on their adventures.

A one-stop shop for fitness and sports products and accessories has put together some survival gear that every hiker should carry. Sport Treasures ( which helps people to save money on quality products has just added some new survival accessories to its product range.

In recent years hiking has become more popular than ever. More people are now taking up outdoor pursuits and enjoying what hiking has to offer. However, when going hiking it is important to be prepared for emergencies such as injuries, bad weather, and unexpected overnight stays. There are many survival products and accessories that a person should have with them when hiking, the below are just a few of them.

Emergency Sleeping Bag

An Emergency Sleeping Bag ( is a vital piece of survival kit that every hiker should carry with them. An emergency sleeping bag has saved many lives. While hiking anything can happen. If someone gets injured, it is important to keep them warm and out of the cold. If an emergency happens and a hiker or hikers need to stay where they are overnight, then they need something to keep them warm. An emergency sleeping bag can keep hikers warm, and it can help emergency rescue workers easily locate them.

The emergency sleeping bag is available for just $29.99. It comes with a full guarantee.

Large Waist Bag

A Large Waist Bag is an essential item to have for any outdoor pursuits. It can carry a first aid kit as well as other essential supplies. It is available for just $41.99 and is comfortable to wear. For more details, please visit

Rainbow Dual Arc Electric Lighter

A lighter is an important accessory to have when hiking. If an emergency happens and people need to keep warm, the electric lighter can help start a fire. It is available for just $38.99 (

There are lots of great products and accessories in the Sport Treasures Store, all of which are sold at their lowest possible price. To see the latest products, please visit

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