The 5th “Qiangwang” International Elite Challenge on Cyber Mimic Defense came to a successfully closing, which set a new benchmark in Cyberspace Security Competition

December 20 23:18 2022

After four days of fierce competition, The 5th “Qiangwang” International Elite Challenge on Cyber Mimic Defense, which located in China Network Valley, came to an end at noon on December 18, 2022. The scale of challenge, the attacking and defending situation, the knowledge of Cyber Mimic Defense had all reached a new height!

Live Network Competition – Comparison Verification Session

The competition focused on the new paradigm of networking endogenous security in cyberspace, opened up a number of new tracks such as 5G core networking equipment and commercial cipher machines, added new targets such as T-Box and ADAS built in Intelligent Connected Vehicles. There are 60 teams from home and abroad launched more than 911 million high-intensity attacks on 39 Cyber Mimic Defense devices and 41 traditional commercial equipment in the same use. It not only exposed the worrisome networking security status of existing commercial mainstream equipment but also fully verifies the trinity of high reliability, high reliability and high availability of Chinese Cyber Mimic Defense devices, demonstrating and leading the exchange of new network attacking and defending technologies!

Firstly, the networking security of traditional information physical system products is frustrating. This competition introduced 41 sets of traditional commercial information technology products as the target of the control group, including commercial cipher machines, 5G core networking equipment,  ADAS and T-Box built in Intelligent Connected Vehicles, Internet routers, switches, data storage, and other equipment. Some of them were the leading products of leading enterprises, and they were beaten down before half of the competition schedule, which fully explained the current network security situation was frustrating. There were security risks that we have to face up to in all devices including 5G core networking equipment, commercial cipher machines, and intelligent connected vehicles. Traditional information technology products/infrastructure simply cannot take on the heavy responsibilities entrusted by human society in the digital economy era!

Secondly, the networking endogenous security Cyber Mimic Defense theory is moving from theory into practice, and the product technology is becoming more and more mature. networking endogenous security Cyber Mimic Defense theory is a new paradigm of network security pioneered by Chinese scientists, which completely reverses the strategic pattern of “easy to attack but difficult to defend.” It provides a strong power for enabling the development of a new generation of networking resilience. Over the past five years, the products of Cyber Mimic Defense devices had increased year by year and had been infiltrating thousands of industries. Up to now, there is no team had yet achieved a systematic breakthrough, which showed that the networking security performance of various types of endogenous security information physical systems in the competition has withstood the massing test by rigorous test of global scale, top online and offline experts. The combination of theory and practice had proved the correctness of the Chinese Academy in Cyberspace Endogenous Security theory.

Thirdly, the cognitive speed and wonderful innovation performance of the participating teams on new things are impressive. There had not been network attacking in the new 5G networking core equipment, commercial cipher machine, and intelligent connected vehicles with cascaded security measures for related products at home and abroad before the challenge, but the top teams from home and abroad have found out the situation in a very short time, mastered the available attack resources, and carried out effective network attacks. From the statistics after the competition, no matter the number of attacks, traffic, or quality of attacks, each competition had greatly improved, and the excellent innovative performance of the participating teams and players was amazing!

Finally, the “Qiangwang” challenge has become a powerful platform for network security science popularization. Over the past five years, the “Qiangwang” Challenge has become an extremely eye-catching landscape in the world with its foresight and leadership and has received great attention from mainstream media at home and abroad, such as, Phoenix,, and new media like Bytedance, Tiktok. This year’s 30 online live broadcasts during the competition set a new height of nearly one million online viewers of the network security competition. The “Qiangwang” Challenge has become an innovative network security science platform and golden brand in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, even in home and abroad. The “Live Network Verification Challenge” of Intelligent Connected Vehicles introduced in this year’s competition not only increased the challenge and interest of the competition but also intuitively demonstrated the real potential harm of network security problems to people’s daily life . At the same time, it also attracted extensive attention from all sectors of society, especially young people, and played a very sound role in science popularization and warning, setting a new benchmark for the network security contest!

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