Planning A Dream Retirement and Financial Flexibility with Later Life Finance

December 20 14:28 2022
Later Life Finance provides expert guidance and advice to homeowners over 55 as a specialist broker in mortgage and retirement planning home finance solutions.

It’s good news for UK homeowners over 55!

Later Life Finance, the experts in lifetime mortgage and equity release advice, are pleased to announce their new website for UK homeowners over the age of 55.

It is now possible to access tax-free wealth from the comfort of your own home.

Increasing demand from homeowners releasing equity has been met with the state-of-the-art equity release comparison site, providing access to comprehensive product information and a direct source of expert advice on safely accessing the money tied up in your home.

About Later Life Finance:

Later Life Finance offers an independent, whole of market lifetime mortgage broker service. They are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

As a member of the equity release council and trusted by mortgage brokers, accountants, and wealth managers as true experts in equity release, they provide homeowners with a specialist source of advice and arrange equity release and high net worth mortgages for clients over 55.

Their advisers have a combined 30 year’s expertise arranging mortgages and releasing equity. They are passionate about providing unbiased advice with a first-class service.

As experts in planning their client’s retirement and financial security in their homes, they have always believed that the home is the most important asset of its owner, and now there’s scope to let that work for you.

The professionals at Later Life Finance work closely with their clients, helping them achieve their financial goals in the most economical way.

Modern, flexible equity release plans allow the voluntary payment of interest, inheritance protection options, and downsizing protection for flexibility. Since rates of interest on lifetime mortgages are currently decreasing, the broker ensures that people have easy access to the best equity release interest rates and exclusive deals. 

Who and How They Help:

Later Life Finance are experts who provide advice to homeowners over the age of 55 release tax-free equity from their home. They advise on and arrange flexible lifetime mortgage plans for clients and can advise on the best company for equity release.

They provide guidance on gifting equity for wealth preservation and inheritance tax mitigation purposes, and arrange later life and retirement mortgages for the over 60’s.

People who wish to pay off their existing mortgage but are not able to do so, those who are struggling with debt, or those who are planning to spend on home improvements can get in touch for the best planning advice.

There are many people who are worried about their existing mortgage rate ending; equity release can provide a safe solution for these homeowners.

Later Life Finance can help people who are concerned about the current cost of living, or who simply want to increase the amount of money they have on hand, so that they can enjoy their retirement in financial security. Whether it is retirement planning or home improvements, help is easily available.

Reasons To Contact Later Life Finance:

Understanding client’s individual needs and circumstances and building a tailored solution is key to ensuring advice is both robust and futureproof, in terms of current and longer-term suitability of advice and mortgage product recommendation.

Clients deal directly with advisers who are knowledgeable and friendly, with access to the most competitive terms across the later life mortgage and equity release marketplace.

Paul Murphy, Director of Later Life Finance comments:

Equity release has evolved into a viable, mainstream later life mortgage product. With 40 thousand interest-only mortgages maturing per year over the coming decade*, a safe and flexible solution now exists for homeowners to remain in their homes if downsizing isn’t preferable, and to access tax-free equity for retirement, wealth distribution to family and aspirational purposes.

We pride ourselves on 1st class advice; our client’s best interests are always first and foremost. With a reputation for expert advice and efficiency, we safely arranged £10 million of equity release lending for homeowners over the past 2 years.”

*Reference FCA Interest only mortgage review report

Clients can get in touch with the company for queries like “equity release advisers near me” or to access the Best Equity release companies available.

About Paul Murphy:

Paul Murphy founded the company in 2014. He has advised for 3 national lifetime mortgage brokers before launching Later Life Finance. With a reputation for expert advice in later life mortgages and HNW lending they have clients UK wide, in London, Cheshire, Harrogate Leeds and Edinburgh.

Get in touch for telephone, video or home appointments to discuss your requirements.

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