Relive Beautiful Memories With More Ink Tattoo’s Micro Realism Tattoo

December 20 14:08 2022
Helping tattoo lovers build confidence and live a life of freedom, Madeleine Rastelli, CEO of More Ink Tattoo LLC, allows clients to relive beautiful memories through her tattoo sessions.

SAN FRANCISCO – December 20, 2022 – Touring cities in the United States and some cities in South America, Madeleine Rastelli, CEO and Founder of More Ink Tattoo, continues to draw aesthetically beautiful tattoos on the body of clients.

Apart from beautification of the body, a well-drawn tattoo from More Ink has been proven to improve self-image and increase the confidence of clients. Scientists also prove that tattoos have health benefits, including reduction of cortisol level. Cortisol is a stress hormone and improves the immune system.

A Micro Realism Tattoo from More Ink

Enjoying the soothing music, usually instrumental, with incense and candles, Madeleine helps clients release bad energies by replacing them with good vibes. Her tattoo sessions help clients strengthen their immune system and let them revel in their new found identity. 

Madeleine not only promotes tattoos with meaning, but also a different experience for those for whom the tattoo is not just a drawing on the skin. Tattooing has become a life purpose for the artist, which has allowed her to live in freedom of societal pressures. She has dedicated herself to traveling around the world to connect with tattoo lovers, tattoo artists and artists in general.

In an interview with 9-Figure Media, Madeleine Rastelli, CEO and founder of More Ink Tattoo, said, “I’m a traveler tattoo artist specialized in Micro Realism and Concept tattoo (tattoo style where patterns connect several significant elements or geometric designs, creating a kind of “mental map” in which stories are told sometimes in a not so literal way). 

“Also, I am in favor of the fact that tattooing is not simply placing trivial drawings on people’s skin. For me, it is an exchange ritual where I offer my clients a different experience than many people imagine as a tattoo session. I create an environment with relaxing music (usually instrumental), incense, candles. I want my clients to remember an experience that is normally painful as relaxing and full of good energy.”

Madeleine Rastelli, CEO and founder of More Ink Tattoo.

About Madeleine Rastelli

A traveler artist par excellence, Madeleine Rastelli, has carved a name for herself in the art industry. She founded More Ink Tattoo LLC in 2017 and has since helped clients overcome their traumatic past through her tattoo sessions. Tattoo gave Madeleine a purpose in life and a medium of self-expression. 

She went further to study art in college and understand the intrinsic beauty of art. This knowledge of art continues to help her serve her clients better. To gain a better understanding of tattoos and how they unveil the true identities of tattoo lovers, she devotes more time to travel around the world.

Her immense contribution to the tattoo and art industry earned her perfection in her work. Her concept is the micro realism tattoo (a detailed tattoo that achieves a photographic level of precision).

Currently, she has detailed cities she plans to tour and check if your city is here:

About More Ink Tattoo LLC

More Ink Tattoo was founded after the founder, Madeleine Rastelli, chose a life of freedom.  Today, More Ink Tattoo has grown to positively connect tattoo lovers with their life experience.

The Company’s tattooing technique creates a 3D effect on the body of clients, all thanks to their precision and expertise. Today, More Ink Tattoo has expanded to include tattoo lovers, tattoo artists and artists in general.

As a traveler tattoo artist, More Ink Tattoo lists its next spots on its website here:

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