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December 20 04:24 2022
Since 2019, Lee Injury Law LLC has been helping injured people get their lives back on track by obtaining justice and fair compensation for them. Its dedicated legal help is available for traumatic brain injury victims whose best chance of getting their lives back on track is through skilled legal assistance.

According to announcements released by Lee Injury Law, LLC, the personal injury attorneys at this law firm have the qualifications and drive to help injured clients get their lives back on track even in the face of delays and denials by insurance companies and the defendant’s lawyers. Lee Injury Law, LLC – Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer understands that brain injuries can be serious and lead to paralysis, depression, memory loss, etc.

Common causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI) include falls, automobile accidents, sports accidents, and head injuries at work. Such injuries, when caused due to the negligence of others, are grounds for compensation to cover medical costs; loss of income, ability, and consortium; and physical therapy costs.

The brain injury lawyer at Lee Injury Law, LLC protects a client’s rights to full and fair compensation. The short- and long-term effects of TBI must be treated to prevent the injured subject’s condition from deteriorating. 

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If these symptoms arise, further tests are necessary to determine the extent of brain injury. Early engagement of a good brain injury lawyer gives the client a better chance of getting fairly compensated. Lee Injury Law, LLC works fast to gather crucial evidence to establish guilt, determine the extent of injuries, and prepare a strong case for fair compensation. Traumatic Brain Injury manifests differently depending on the extent of the injury. These include brain contusion, concussion, and diffuse axonal injury.

Lee Injury Law, LLC said, “Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, is an injury that typically results from a sharp blow or violent jolt to the body or head. A sharp object that pierces the brain can also cause TBI. Different levels of TBI will result in different outcomes. The three main levels of TBI are mild, moderate, and severe. 

Some TBIs can temporarily affect the individual, and others can have catastrophic and long-term effects. Symptoms can present immediately following an injury or can present up to several days after the event. Some of the most common symptoms of mild TBI are headache, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, loss of balance, problems with speech, and fatigue.

The individual may also experience ringing in the ears, sensitivity to light or sound, feelings of depression or anxiety, memory issues, or loss of consciousness. TBI, however mild or severe, can have devastating circumstances on you and your family. 

By consulting a trusted and experienced attorney, they can begin to work on your behalf while you and your family focus on healing. They can start researching, compiling evidence, and work for you while you focus on your health.

Barring a few exceptions, victims typically have three years to pursue compensation for their TBI claim. An experienced attorney can walk you through this process to ensure you handle it accurately.

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Over the past four years, Lee Injury Law, LLC has helped clients get the attention and benefits they deserve. The law firm knows how insurance adjusters can work contrary to the interests of an injured person, and it does everything possible to safeguard a client’s interests.

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