Electronic and Synth Pop Tunes with a Refreshing Spin-Music Artist Peter Westheimer Astounds with Ongoing Inventive Flair

September 23 22:30 2022
Electronic and Synth Pop Tunes with a Refreshing Spin-Music Artist Peter Westheimer Astounds with Ongoing Inventive Flair
With a chilled-out contemporary soundscape, Peter Westheimer continues to experiment with a variety of striking musical styles

A powerhouse of inventiveness and ingenuity, Peter Westheimer is a gift that keeps giving. With his experimental, unique, and original vibe, the artist displays a rare talent in musical composition. Powering his Electro Pop music with compelling lyrics, the artist stays true to his vibe and character.

Peter’s brilliant musical compositions include ‘Tin Drum,’ ‘China India,’ ‘Change Now,’ ‘I know you like it’  and a myriad of other tracks. Be it instrumentals or songs and music videos that focus on critical social issues, Peter Westheimer’s vast repertoire of innovative music has got it all.

The prolific artist has composed music for feature films and documentaries and showcased his last album, ‘Tranzworld Express’ with multimedia performances at the ‘Splendour in the Grass’ international music festival in Australia. Peter successfully connects with his audiences by intertwining textures and rhythms and showcasing a vibe that is cool, clear and quirky.

Peter’s music can be described as inventive, warm and inviting, delivering a rich and blend of tunes and songwriting. His latest release ‘I know you like it’  stands out with its effortless mix of electronic dance elements alongside a strident guitar anchor. The new track grapples with carefully crafted, existential lyrics about how we flourish and have fun when we are understood.

Alongside music, Peter Westheimer remains deeply  involved in local politics, working consciously and on the ground towards environmental repair and community building. Based in Byron Shire, Australia, close to the iconic Byron Bay, the artist aims to continue dropping unique compositions. He is unafraid to explore new themes, layering the most unlikely instruments and patterns, and complementing his music with distinct visual art.

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Peter Westheimer is a dynamic and innovative name in the music world composing and producing music since the early 1980s, He weaves musical styles and ideas together to create sounds and spaces relevant to a contemporary ever changing world. He has composed and produced seven albums [four CDs and three vinyl LPs], one EP on vinyl and now digital, four single and four digital collection volumes. His music displays a multi-genre experience that encompasses Electronica, New Wave, Neoclassical, Ethnoambient, Reggae, and Rock influences.

Peter remains inspired by positive personal, environmental and political change, and creative exploration- dictums that remain integral to his life and work. Music and video are his agents of joy and change – “playful, bold, surreal, textural, spiritual and humorous.” He is moved by creativity in nature ,music, film, art, design, people and ideas. To date, Peter has composed 150+ tracks and nearly 40 music videos, often as a contemporary art form, featuring bold interplays between music and visuals with abstract and narrative elements.



Name: Peter Westheimer

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Website: http://www.peterwestheimer.com

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnrFqw_8hOHsZCBcA4cClBQ

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