JOINSCOUT.CO Launches App that Alerts Users when Limited Edition Collectibles, NFTs, Sneakers, PS5s, and More are Available

September 23 18:30 2022
This company changes the way people buy rare products online by notifying app users when their favorite items are back in stock, directly from the source.

No matter what the economic situation is, the demand for hot products like game consoles, NFTs, sneakers, and collectibles remains high, especially as the holidays roll around. However, shopping does not come easy for collectors and gamers. Limited supply for these products poses challenges among those who lead a busy lifestyle. This is why the founders created an app that informs shoppers when their favorite items come back in stock.

“Our mission is to help you get the hottest products on the market and grow your collection — without having to pay resale prices. We automatically track your products 24/7 everywhere on the internet [and] instantly notify you when [they] are back in stock,” said its brand representative.

PS5s are one of the hottest products on the market and the company knows how tough it is for gamers to find and order one. With their state-of-the-art software, they have helped thousands of users finally get their hands on the limited console.

The app also works on all major NFT platforms from OpenSea to MagicEden. This integration lets members be the first to know when the floor price dips, so they can “sweep the floor [and] beat the competition on every drop.”

For those who love to collect sneakers, Funko Pops, sports cards, and other rare collectibles, they have you covered as well. Their expert staff provides insider release information so users are always one step ahead.

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JOINSCOUT.CO alerts users when the most sought-after products are back in stock. The company tracks limited edition collectibles like LEGOs and Hot Wheels, sneakers, NFTs, and more — all in one revolutionary app. With its 24/7 tracking software and automated alert system, securing the hottest items has never been easier.

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