Owner Of Elevate Rope, Geraldo Alken, Sets World Record For The ‘Most Consecutive Double Under To Double Under Frog Skips in 15 seconds.’

September 20 20:08 2022

Geraldo Alken enters the Guinness World Records book for 2023 for the ‘most consecutive double under to double under frog skips.’ Geraldo, the proud owner of Elevate Rope, currently holds the record for the ‘most consecutive double under to frog skips in 15 seconds.’

The record currently held by Geraldo is measured in the number of correctly performed ‘double under to double under frog skips.’ To complete a ‘double under to double under frog skip,’ the challenger must jump the rope while rotating it so that it passes under the challenger’s feet twice before landing the jump. They must then push off from the ground into a handstand, with the rope passing under their feet, before returning to an upright position, with the rope passing under their feet once more. That’s a frog; with the rope passing the feet once more, that’s a double under frog. When the feet touch down, they must push off into a jump and complete another double under before moving on to the next frog, and so on.

Geraldo is a young entrepreneur from the Netherlands who lives near Rotterdam. The young record holder is the owner of the Elevate Rope brand and founder of ‘The Elevate Family,’ also known as one of the world’s largest Jump rope fitness communities. He also owns several businesses, the most notable of which is Your Charisma, a company that specializes in the concept of Inbound Marketing. Geraldo and his team have assisted thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide in exponentially increasing their revenue through digital marketing as a vehicle.

Geraldo, ecstatic about his accomplishment, says, “A few years ago, I never could have imagined being in a position of being able to set a world record for anything. Let alone jumping rope. What started out as a simple tool for weight loss has evolved into my lifes work, my dream, my pride and my vehicle to inspire others and show them that you can truly do anything if you just set your mind to it, having fun while at it.”

The Guinness World Record holder is the proud owner of the Elevate Rope brand. Elevate Rope offers a wide range of high-quality jump ropes at reasonable prices. With this brand, he hopes to inspire as many people as possible to pick up a rope and Elevate to the next stage of their life, emotionally and physically no matter what stage they’re currently at in their journey.

Geraldo preaches, “The benefits of this sport are endless; the improvements in coordination, motoric skills, bone density, weight loss, rhythm, mental health, and so on. A great exercise to increase both your physical appearance, as well as your emotional well-being. Having fun, while at it.”

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tsg3t099ZBE

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