For The First Time In History: Wear The Entire Bible With TANAOR’s Nano-Bible Jewelry Collection

August 08 19:07 2022
When Technology Meets Fashion, Luxury, Meaning & Faith.

What would a million letters etched on a necklace look like? The jewelry industry has remained the same for hundreds of years, despite all the advancements and progress society has made in all aspects. In the last few years, buyers have started wearing jewelry fixed with names of loved ones or words that inspire and direct lives. Emerging Jewelry Brand TANAOR raises the bar higher for creating jewelry designs that carry incredible meaning using their high-tech, innovative, Nano-Bible Jewelry concept.

TANAOR offers buyers the grace of carrying every chapter of the Holy Scripture (Currently King James Version of The Bible) in a tiny, treasured piece of jewelry or accessory. This is made possible by pairing with ground-breaking technology that allows the ability to minimize vast amounts of information to an incredibly small surface area – Nanotechnology.

With the help of Tel-Aviv University’s Nano-Technology department, TANAOR was able to minimize and etch the entire KJ Bible on a 2×2 inch square through a practice called e-beam lithography. These tiny slates are then carefully incorporated into the company’s pieces, which include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, for both men and women were all tastefully designed by their professional jewel artisans.

On TANAOR’s website, you’ll be able to shop from a range of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories for men and women that are offered at different price points. The pieces are made from pure 14K Gold and GIA-certified diamonds, or 18K gold plated sterling silver, to suit every client’s preference. All products come with certificates of authenticity signed by respected authorities in the field, including The nano-science & nano-technology department of Tel-Aviv University, which guarantees that each of TANAOR’s pieces really does contain the entire Bible.

To date, demand for TANAOR’s Nano-Bible jewelry is growing rapidly, with thousands of people all over the world, men, and women alike, buying their very own Nano-Bible jewelry for themselves and their loved ones as an unforgettable gift.

TANAOR’s co-founder, Magali Moldawsky, honors family roots, human connection, and the Bible’s universal truths in creating the company. TANAOR is able to provide jewelry that is on par with the quality of the biggest and most expensive jewelry brands in the world with the help of Moldawsky Diamonds, a time-honored, market-leading company that provides precious gemstones, diamonds, and jewelry to some of the biggest jewelry brands in the world (many of which you probably know). TANAOR is quickly becoming a global player in the jewelry industry that might just become the long-awaited disrupter in the space.

TANAOR’s mission is to bring people of different gender, age, and ethnicity together and create a community of people who share the mission to do good and make the world a better place.

In line with that mission, every order from TANAOR’s website makes the world a better place – TANAOR is currently donating 10% of its profits to non-profit organizations that support families in need with food and medical equipment they cannot afford.

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