Techik new generation bulk product x-ray inspection system upgraded to improve clients’ experience

July 29 19:34 2022

With over ten years technical and customer accumulation, Techik devotes itself to continuous research and development. The new generation Bulk Product X-ray Inspection System now wins more recognition from  clients.

Software improvements

Real-time software

Real-time software can avoid time error caused by windows. The air blowing duration time can be reduced from the original 50ms opening time to the current 5-10ms, and the carry out of contaminants  is one-third of the original.

Besides, shape selection algorithm and nuts sorting software are available if you need a better performance.

Modularized Structure Design

The modular structure design makes one part suitable for various models, which can improve the production efficiency by 30% – 40%. The product is highly integrated which makes the maintenance more convenient and greatly reduces the operation and maintenance costs of customers, such as conveyor belt and arm device.

High Level Hygienic Design

The bulk X-ray is equipped with soft flanges to prevent materials from falling into the belt gap, such as rice, red beans and other granular food, which can not only reduce food consumption, but also reduce the trouble of machine cleaning, so as to achieve a higher level of sanitary design.

1. The whole slope design allows sewage to flow down the drain naturally.

2. No sanitary corners, no bacteria breeding area;

3. The open design of the whole machine is convenient for cleaning and to clean at any position outside the equipment;

4. Equipment can be directly rinsed and cleaned ;

5. With Modularized design, the machine’s conveyor part, protective soft curtain, etc can be disassembled easily.

Improvements on the structure of generator and detector

1. The generator installation position and the corresponding detector installation position are adjusted towards the direction of air blowing. At 120m/min high speed, the effective distance between the detection port and the air blowing part is shortened to the limit.

2. The distance between the feeding port and the detection port is increased, so that the product has a longer acceleration distance and stable space.

3. The distance between the detector port and the air mouth is reduced, so the probability and amplitude of unstable motion of the product after detection are reduced and the rejection accuracy is increased.

4. By using a 9-hole solenoid valve, new air nozzle and mounting plate, 72 tunnel air jet can be installed on 40 model machine without changing the mounting plate.

5. In the process of rejection, the rejection area of single nozzle is smaller, and the carry out ratio and accuracy are greatly improved.

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