Former Broward judge John Patrick Contini, now ordained pastor, offers affordable and sympathetic Christian mediation for people of all faiths

June 28 22:51 2022
Former Broward judge John Patrick Contini, now ordained pastor, is offering affordable and compassionate Christian mediation for people of all faiths, helping them resolve conflicts at a fraction of the cost through Biblically supported alternatives to litigation.

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Based in Broward County, Florida, John Contini gained 30 years of experience as a practicing lawyer and circuit court judge before becoming an author, mediator, consultant, life coach, and founder of Contini Solutions. He was also ordained as a pastor in Florida on the 16th of February 2020, adding an extra dimension to the Christian mediation services he offers.

“When I was working as a Circuit Court Judge on the Family Court Bench, I often pointed to a framed photo of President Abraham Lincoln which hung on the courtroom wall and repeated Lincoln’s famous ‘Peacemaker’ quote to both the lawyers and warring litigants.”


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“I did this to remind the parties concerned that while we all face difficulties from time to time, a conscious, active decision to make peace can save both sides from wasting time and money and prevent undue stress and aggravation,” states former Broward Judge John Contini.

Blessed be the peacemakers

“To this day, I believe that Lincoln was correct when he essentially paraphrased the biblical scriptures, asking ‘why choose litigation when you can opt for peaceful conflict resolution, when most matters can be resolved quickly and without the prohibitive expense of lawyers?’” Christ Himself said, “Blessed be the peacemakers.” — Jesus, as recorded in Matt. 5:9 … in His renowned “sermon on the mount.” Jesus also added this strong, poignant admonition later in the same Sermon on the Mount: “Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still together on the way, or your adversary may hand you over to … ” [Read Matt. 5:25 … for the rest of it, if you’re interested.]

“I also believe that mediation is the path to making peace and that the principles espoused by Christianity can be applied to resolve most conflicts, no matter your faith,” continues former judge John Contini.

“The emphasis in Christian mediation is on ‘empathic listening’ and ‘seeking to understand before being understood’. Beyond being a fraction of the cost of litigation, Christian mediation offers multiple benefits for the involved parties. Firstly, it allows you to keep things confidential and to address your dispute in private, without the whole world knowing about it.”

“Secondly, the focus is on reaching a mutually agreeable solution, which works to strengthen relationships instead of breaking them down. It further gives you an opportunity to set a positive example to your community and show them that you can resolve any issue peacefully.”

Christian Mediation is helpful in addressing issues in the following areas:

–  Pastor/Church Division
–  Insurance
–  Contractor/Home Improvement
–  Addiction & Recovery
–  Contracts
–  Divorce/Family Splits
–  Landlord/Tenant Conflicts
–  Lease Agreements
–  Buyer/Seller Disputes

“When it comes to finding a win-win solution to a difficult situation, Christian mediation makes sense, not just economically, but emotionally too. Pursuing peace through Biblically supported alternatives to litigation is the path to building a happier, healthier community. The following quote from Proverbs 15:1 sums up the sentiment quite beautifully: ‘A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.’”

“As a Christian mediator, I see my primary role as that of peacemaker. However, if you need a lawyer, I will connect you at no expense to the right lawyer for you. Regardless of whether you share my religion or are guilty of breaking the law, I believe in condemning the act, not the person. This is consistent with my faith. Because of this, I am unapologetic about helping someone who is otherwise shunned or shamed by others,” concludes former Broward Judge John Contini.

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In his peers’ words

The testimonials of former Judge John Contini’s peers describe best how he has applied the principles of Christian mediation to help people find peaceful resolutions to their conflicts.

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