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June 28 19:21 2022
Creative Biolabs focuses on mRNA technology and provides versatile synthesis and modification services to help develop mRNA therapeutics.

New York, USA – June 28, 2022 – mRNA has emerged as a prospective treatment approach for a variety of illnesses, including cancer and infectious diseases, owing to considerable advances in scientific research and several continuing pre-clinical studies.

In the fight against COVID-19, two mRNA vaccines have proved to be crucial. These vaccines, which were the first of their kind, were the result of decades of RNA research. As mRNA technology progresses, mRNA-based medicines will likely become available for other diseases, following the success of Covid-19 vaccines.

However, during the process of mRNA therapeutics, several critical issues like stability and translation efficiency remain to be addressed. Creative Biolabs has created a comprehensive platform for mRNA synthesis, modification, and delivery methods to solve the problems during research.

mRNA services at Creative Biolabs:

• Custom mRNA synthesis

• Custom mRNA modification

• Custom delivery vehicle for mRNA

• Custom mRNA-based cell reprogramming

• Custom mRNA stability test

• One-stop mRNA therapeutics development

With decades of experience in mRNA research and sophisticated mRNA technology, Creative Biolabs provides synthesis services for custom-designed, highly modified mRNAs using both chemical synthesis and efficient IVT methodology. Fully customizable designs are sufficient to make the most appropriate solutions at a fair price and with a shorter turnaround time.

The chemical synthesis strategy is recommended as a fast and economical method to produce a high yield of small mRNA fragments. Creative Biolabs also provides mRNA IVT synthesis to produce stable and high-quality long fragments such as mRNA, guide RNA and SaRNA. The long fragments of mRNA can be used for diverse applications, ranging from fundamental research to therapeutic applications.

In the field of mRNA stability tests, Creative Biolabs has developed a variety of approaches, including the actinomycin D-based method, c-fos serum-inducible promoter system, and Tet-off regulatory promoter system. Moreover, Creative Biolabs provides direct or indirect measurements of decay rates of endogenous mRNAs, which are important measures for detecting gene expression changes and underlying mechanisms that regulate transcript levels in various physiological conditions and developmental stages.

Other mRNA development services offered by Creative Biolabs include in silico mRNA structure prediction, RNA-protein interaction analysis, and mRNA-based assays, all of which can meet various requirements.

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About Creative Biolabs

With dedicated scientists and advanced knowledge of mRNA, Creative Biolabs has been leading in the discovery and production of mRNA reagents for research and drug development. Services of mRNA development at Creative Biolabs cover the chemical and enzymatic synthesis and modifications, formulation and delivery system development, in vitro tests, and in vivo tests.

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