Faith-based High Street fashion brand ADthirty3 is elevating street style in the affordable luxury arena: Evangelism now has a style.

June 28 09:04 2022
Bringing unique faith-based high street designs to empower people to swag their faith in style.

ADthirty3 introduces glorious and victorious design clothing for Christians and their friends to express themselves with confidence. The multifaceted label redefines faith-based high street fashion and brings it into the affordable luxury arena.

The brand is proud to announce continuous revival collections to keep the brethren’s wardrobe on point and features the latest designs and trends. ADthirty3 was created to elevate people faith by expressing themselves with unique, bold designs and reflect the life that they are meant to live.

ADthirty3 was founded by French businessman and creator Arnaud Marolleau, who believes that being a Christian should not limit anyone’s fashion choices. He explains that the current landscape is packed full of faith swaggers, moguls, and ballers who want to show off their faith in style. ADthirty3 caters to this generation and redefines what people know of faith-based fashion. Arnaud Marolleau is also renowned within the selective arena and enjoys deep-diving into all things in fashion, sharing ideas and design inspiration, while touching on the faith-based high street designs space in luxury fashion.

The thing with urban fashion is that trends change very fast. According to Arnaud, while most designers wait for the perfect way to step into the space, ADthirty3 is continuously finding new ways to reinvent the wheel. “We are reinventing the supply and demand wheel by dropping a limited range of new items monthly.” 

Arnaud and the rest of the ADthirty3 team combine high street fashion with luxury elements while maintaining a good balance between faith-based and urban contemporary designs. ADthirty3 is guided by its core values and the customers it serves. The brand represents a new fashion revolution that caters to the generation of faith swaggers. 

Arnaud also highlights that high street fashion welcomes all styles and is open to experimentation with designs, which is why it fits perfectly into ADthirty3’s mission. With a broad spectrum of fashionable outfits, people can celebrate their faith and showcase their fashion sense. The brand’s contemporary collections also fit in the affordable luxury arena, making it a true staple.

“It was crucial for us not just to design clothing, but to design apparel that would reflect the life that we are meant to have as Christians; glorious and victorious.” Arnaud adds, “our entire team has invested special attention into bringing you unique details and hyper-qualitative finishes to ensure that we proclaim our faith with grace and pride.”

ADthirty3 is also known for its design collaborations, teaming up with young aspirational designers. The brand’s design-heavy, urban garments and limited-run have created a unique identifier for the multifaceted retail label. The collaborations with young designers help give these designers a platform for them to rise and get recognized for their work. “Those capsule collections always end up pretty unexpected.”

ADthirty3 unique collections are available on the brand’s website,, where people can browse various designs and place their orders. On Instagram and Facebook, ADthirty3 also showcases its collection and shares news on new collections and updates on the brand.

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