Easy Up Structures Offers Natural EZ Log Structure Kits at Affordable Rates

June 28 05:42 2022

Easy Up Structures offers a wide array of EZ log structure kits. It was formed to satisfy the demand for log kit buildings in Northern Ontario. Due to the immediate success at this location, the company managed to open a branch in Southern Ontario to serve its clients better. They pride themselves in supplying numerous EZ log structure kits, and traditional custom builds. Thus, clients can rest assured of various solutions, from a dog house to a 1,800 sq ft. home.

Speaking on how long it takes to assemble a building kit, the company spokesperson said, “The duration of assembly typically varies. This is because building kit models are different. The duration of assembly depends on the skill levels of the assemblers. Some models usually show estimated assembly time on their feature page.”

Interlocking building systems have been created in Europe since the early 1980s. EZ log structures were typically introduced to North America in 2010. They are regarded as a leader in stackable building kits. Those with a question about log cabin kits price in New Brunswick can consider contacting Easy Up Structures. The company offers a wide array of top-notch building kits at reasonable rates. They avail of various payment options, including cheques, cash, e-transfer, debit cards, and many more. The company’s products are warrantied for 5 years. The warranty covers any defective component produced that cannot be used for assembly.

Responding to an inquiry if the company’s wood is treated, the company spokesperson said, “The wood has no treatments and is natural. One needs to apply a clear wood preservative to the logs as soon as possible and later, apply a penetrating or impregnating sealer stain/paint. Some studies suggest that brushing on treatments is better than spaying. This is because, by brushing on treatments, clients can help the paint/stain penetrate the cavities in the wood.”

Wondering where to find the best cabin kits in New Brunswick CA? Easy Up Structures stocks a huge selection of unique interlocking building kits ideal for recreational cabins, backyard living spaces, and many more. The company has a passion for the excellent outdoors. That is why they offer not only standard items but also custom buildings whose design is only limited by clients’ imagination. With the company, one can find both interior and exterior log structures. The company has an online platform filled with lots of information to help its clients learn about its products and services.

About Easy Up Structures

Easy Up Structures offers natural, elegant, and affordable building kits in Ontario. The majority of their models do not require a building permit. The company aims to provide exceptional services and top-quality products that will be enjoyed for years on the lake, at the camp, and home. They quickly respond to client’s inquiries and concerns.

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