“Surviving The Cartel,” the smash-hit TV show that no one saw coming

June 28 04:43 2022
Earning a 9.5/10 rating on popular movie websites, including IMDb, “Surviving The Cartel,” a highly rated offering of 1265+, is now dubbed as the greatest show of all time.

1265+ has unveiled its latest original series, “Surviving The Cartel,” an interconnected survival story from the perspectives of three different characters.

“Surviving The Cartel” features a Silicon Valley Executive who gets back to Mexico, an ex-Mexican Navy determined to get into the United States, and an El-Paso detective who fights his demons.

“In this content explosion era where multiple shows are released every day, getting eyeballs on a TV or streaming program is extremely challenging. For a show to enter in the GOAT (greatest of all time) conversation is an undeniable success even for Hollywood big-budget TV Shows. 1265+ aims to break through the barrier,” a representative said in a statement.

For an independent TV Show entirely produced and distributed outside of the entire Hollywood system to accomplish all the above is unthinkable – something only “Surviving The Cartel” can pull off. 

Reviews on popular movie websites like IMDb.com, where Surviving The Cartel holds a 9.5/10 rating, demonstrate the series’ well-crafted art that offers a fresh, unique, and exciting plot. Some IMDb users describe it as the greatest show of all time.

The film critics’ statements don’t land far from what is described by the viewers on IMDb.com. 

“Every element works well together in order to elevate the series above your typical criminal organization fare. Attention is paid to character development, realistic and engaging storylines, well-paced build-up, plenty of suspense, and perfect music,” writes Carey-Ann Pawsey in her review of Surviving The Cartel.

On the other hand, Staci Layne Wilson claims that “Surviving the Cartel” isn’t the type of show consumers can have on while folding laundry and the like, …Overall it’s a solid show that packs a punch,” writes Wilson.

Telling the fictional story of Alejandro Mateo Cardona, a Silicon Valley executive who goes back to Mexico to inherit a powerful cartel from his father, has been a seven-year fight for Ely Bams, the series creator and director.

Thanks to Bams’s genius work, Surviving The Cartel has gained an incredible fanbase who are highly excited for the second season, especially with the addition of “Netflix Narcos star” Francisco Denis. The five episodes of Surviving The Cartel can be streamed on 1265plus.com

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