Mats and Rugs Shares New Insight on How Much Carpet Cleaning Costs in 2022

June 27 23:36 2022
Mats and Rugs has shared the latest report on the carpet cleaning prices in 2022, based on the cleaning method, square footage, and number of rooms.

The team over at Mats and Rugs has created a carpet cleaning price guide that will help homeowners understand how much cleaning companies are charging for their work, and make an informed decision when ordering cleaning services.

“I really hope that this article will help homeowners plan the costs associated with getting their carpets cleaned.”, says Leslie Rivera, the chief editor at Mats and Rugs. “When it comes to pricing, carpet cleaning companies usually charge either by the room or by the square footage of the carpet. On the other hand, stain removal, mold removal, repairs, and moving the furniture will add to the overall bill. Although many companies provide discounts for cleaning many rooms at once, it is still a good idea to set aside some more funds in case the total cost ends up being higher than anticipated.”

In 2022, the average carpet cleaning price is $190, which is 10% up compared with last year. This is a base price, which doesn’t include the extra services.

Additional Fees

According to Mats and Rugs, the following are the main extras that influence carpet cleaning prices in 2022:

–  Stain removal: depending on their intensity and size, the cost of stain removal might range from $40 to $300.
–  Stairs cleaning: the cost ranges from $3 to $5 per step.
–  Mold removal: between $10 and $25 per square foot.
–  “Green carpet cleaning”: environmentally friendly cleaning costs from $115 to $350 per room.

A shift to hot water extraction and encapsulation

Hot water extraction is the most commonly used technique in 2022. Its costs in 2022 range from $125 to $600. The price of encapsulation, the second most popular method, is between $80 and $200. Some clients still choose bonnet carpet cleaning. However, it’s only a temporary solution, it’s a surface cleaning that won’t remove dirt and bacteria from under the carpet surface. A few companies, however, still offer it as a quick fix in 2022, with prices ranging from $25 to $90.

The report compares carpet deep-cleaning costs for various room sizes. Potential clients can use them as a benchmark, and compare them with the quotes they receive from the cleaning companies.

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