Design Bloc rebrands Hunter Hills, a Historic Atlanta neighborhood

June 27 23:19 2022
Design Bloc revamps signage and branding for Atlanta’s historically black neighborhood, Hunter Hills.B

Where many historical neighborhoods lay forgotten, Design Bloc is stepping up to revitalize Hunter Hills in Atlanta with a branding project that revamps the neighborhood’s signage and branding.

The innovative Atlanta-based design thinking center stands as the only innovation and design initiative that prepares its students to be problem solvers and thoughtful problem framers. “We nurture leaders who can step back, reimagine the problem, understand their user’s points of view, and direct their efforts toward an optimal solution.” With world-class problem solving, Design Bloc offers Georgia Tech students, staff, faculty, and entrepreneurs rare opportunities to put their learned knowledge to practice. 

The team at Design Bloc embarked on a rebrand project for Hunter Hills, home to almost 30,00 residents. The historically black community also houses several schools and notable civil rights landmarks in West Atlanta and is adjacent to the prestigious AUC Consortium.

The once glorious artifacts that denote this proud neighborhood now outwardly show the effects of years of wear and weathering. Therefore, the Hunter Hills community wishes to restore its neighborhood’s glory by replacing the signage around its perimeter and activating certain areas with additional branded assets. This will give back to the community’s weathering identity and amplify its voice.

To make this possible, Design Bloc committed the 2021-2022 academic calendar to respond to Hunter Hill’s need for a rebrand. This project gives students hands-on experience, allowing them to apply their training to engage with Hunter Hills residents, understand the community’s identity and legacy and restore it to its historical glory.

“The goal of the project was to create new branding guidelines that celebrate the heritage of the neighborhood and can be used in new signage projects for the community.”

Once done with the research phase, the Design Bloc student team worked with the Hunter Hills residents to produce designs that celebrate and empower the community to ensure its continuity, growth, and evolution.

Design Bloc invites people to become part of the design revolution by introducing design-thinking techniques into their day-to-day. See the output of the branding project here learn more about it.

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Design Bloc was founded as a design solutions provider to provide opportunities for Georgia Tech students, faculty, staff, and members of the surrounding communities and industries. The institution offers intensive workshops, hands-on classes, and partnerships with organizations and the growing community, providing participants with firsthand experience in problem-framing techniques that can be applied to their specific field of expertise.

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