Clients Blackbox Inc Presents Independent Financial Advisors a New Way to Attract Clients

June 27 18:28 2022
Clients Blackbox Inc is a USA-based digital marketing company. The brand has found an innovative solution for financial advisors to attract more clients.

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The main purpose of a financial advisor is to help the client make rational, logical investment decisions, and monitor and assess the investment performance. However, many business owners and high net worth individuals are still crunching the numbers by themselves, mainly because financial advisors lack the exposure, or never embraced the wonders of digital technology to market their services properly.

Clients Blackbox Inc. is an American digital marketing company that offers a platform for financial advisors, allowing them to reach the brands, businesses, and individuals that are in dire need of their services. Whether it is acquiring prequalified annuity leads, aged annuity leads, or exclusive MYGA leads, Clients Blackbox Inc. can get it done.

As the CMO at Clients Blackbox and a professional digital marketing consultant, Alex Khassa offers practical solutions and is committed to leveraging his years of experience into helping financial advisors get exclusive annuity leads fast.

Alex imparted that his 8 years in the realms of digital marketing consultancy were pivotal to his impact on Clients Blackbox Inc, as well as for dozens of clients whose brands and businesses he helped elevate to a higher level:

“I’ve been very fortunate because I’ve learned about digital marketing at a very early period in my life. I’ve been doing it for eight years now, and a lot of my clients consider me some sort of a whiz kid. That’s because over the last few years, I’ve been able to track over 10 million that I’ve added in revenue for all of my clients using digital marketing and to get there, I had to spend over a million dollars on digital marketing. That’s on Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and also on creatives,” said Alex Khassa. 

Alex Khassa has been helping financial advisors around the globe for years via his YouTube channel; numerous Clients Blackbox Inc. clients have been featured in his videos, offering their testimonials as a testament to the quality of service Alex Khassa had provided.

Clients Blackbox Inc. has been very vocal about the importance of strategic digital marketing, and how implementable it is for brands of all sizes and on any scale. Alex has divulged the best-kept secrets of Facebook Ads for financial advisors in a recent video, imparting the following:

“To make sure that you actually have profitable Facebook ads, you need to learn a lot of the marketing fundamentals and also how the platform works, and most financial advisors are just too busy to do that. It’s not the ad that makes the ad profitable. It’s actually what happens after they leave the platform that makes your ad profitable.”

Do seminars and dinner workshops still work? Does SEO work for financial advisors? Does radio marketing still function? These are some of the questions Alex recently answered via Clients Blackbox Inc.’s YouTube page. 

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