Melissa Borden Yoga Offers Opportunities for Emotional Healing With PYSCH-K Sessions

June 27 16:36 2022
PSYCH-K is a simple and effective method for profound healing.

Yoga Instructor and PSYCH-K Master Facilitator Melissa Borden is opening avenues for profound healing and inner peace with her one-on-one PSYCH-K sessions. They are designed to help people tap into their subconscious and shift their perceptions of long-held self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs, so they can experience peace and enjoy life more vividly.

PSYCH-K is a healing modality that builds on the power of subconscious actions and thoughts. Every day, people live their lives guided by their internal beliefs. Their behaviors, feelings, and interactions stem from it. So whether positive or negative, these beliefs covertly affect one’s potential for success and ability to lead a fulfilling life.

If someone is experiencing depression, unable to overcome trauma, or exhibiting self-sabotaging behaviors, there’s likely a negative belief holding them back. The opposite also applies. Supportive beliefs eliminate inner conflict and bring positive changes in behaviors, thoughts, and habits.

PSYCH-K sessions use balances or movement-based activities to rewire negative subconscious programing into self-empowering beliefs aligned with the individual’s desired outcomes. When things are in alignment, good things follow and life becomes easier. This leads to clarity, better decision-making, and more confidence to tackle life’s challenges head-on. Balances are easy to master, and reprograming a new belief takes anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes.

“Healing can be simple. We often aren’t taught this, but it can be so simple. PSYCH-K works quickly. Many clients say one session is equal to years of therapy,” says Melissa.

Each session is curated to the client’s unique goals. Melissa spends time getting to know her clients, unraveling their roadblocks, and guiding them toward a happier and more vibrant life. Over the past years, Melissa has helped hundreds of individuals experience transformational results through her services, empowering them to heal from depression, anxiety, and unresolved trauma.

Clients learned how to break free from the shackles preventing them from experiencing healing and maximizing their full potential. They were able to manifest desires, unlock the very best version of themselves, and make lasting positive changes.

In addition to PSYCH-K, Melissa also offers Intuitive Energy Balance sessions. This is centered on the complete rebalance of the mind, body, and spirit using Reiki to remove stress and energy blockages and PSYCH-K to instill new self-empowering beliefs.

During these difficult times, Melissa’s PSYCH-K and Intuitive Energy Balance sessions serve as guideposts in steering people towards inner peace and balance.

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