Medical Family Therapist In Georgetown Texas Relies On Art As Therapy

June 27 12:04 2022
Medical Family Therapist In Georgetown Texas Relies On Art As Therapy
Sandi Neiman, a Medical Family Therapist in Georgetown Texas displays her art. She relies on art as therapy.
Sandi Neiman, a Medical Family Therapist In Georgetown Texas, turns to her art as therapy.

“Being a Medical Family Therapist is not as easy as it appears. It’s a lot more than being a sounding board and listening to somebody issues. At any time I never know what issues will be shared with me in any given session,” states Sandi Neiman.

Unlike other therapists, Sandi Neiman specializes exclusively in Medical Family Therapy in Georgetown Texas. She treats those suffering from anxiety, tension or depression created by medical issues of family members with personalized, attentive, friendly understanding combined with expert, knowledgeable guidance.

Neiman explains “I have to be on high alert for all clients in every session making it a stressful job.  You don’t have to a trained therapist to know that stress must be relieved and not bottled up. Some relieve stress by going to the gym, jogging or sharing problems with friends and relatives.

“Due to the confidential nature of therapy I am legally not allowed to discuss specific client’s problems. Unlike other jobs I can’t bring my work home and I also can’t discuss my personal life in sessions. This creates internal stress that can cause other issues if not handled.

“To relieve stress I turn to art specifically a technique called Cold Wax Medium, which is a mix of wax, resin and oil paint,  as therapy. When I paint, I can process my own feelings about what I am working with and maintain my emotional stability and equanimity. It’s enormously helpful to have a method of release while being creative.

Art therapy has been around since the 1940s and used as a way to help tap into inner thoughts, feelings and experiences through creative expression. The British artist Adrian Hill coined the term art therapy in 1942. Hill, recovering from tuberculosis in a sanatorium, discovered the therapeutic benefits of drawing and painting while convalescing. He wrote that the value of art therapy lay in “completely engrossing the mind as well as the fingers.”

Those thinking of art as therapy don’t have to rush out and purchase easels, canvasses and paints. Starting can be as easy as doodling with pen or pencil while you’re “on hold.”

Ready to move up a notch? Sign up for art classes like those offered by Kimberly Kellar. She has online artistic and creative, workshops, classes, and camps for all ages in Georgetown, TX.

Neiman concludes, “Originally I started painting for my own therapeutic reasons. Then something unexpected happened, others liked my art and wanted to purchase pieces. Now I am honored to have my art hanging alongside the likes of Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall

Who knows, perhaps art therapy can be converted into a profitable side line for others too!”

For more information about Sandi Neiman’s art please contact Austin Galleries, 512-495-9363 or visit

Her work is also displayed at Adina Hotel, Bella Salon and Great Hills Country Club, all in Austin, TX.

For Medical Family Therapy in Texas please call 615-438-3964 or visit

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