Viraj Patil From 0 To Invoiced More Than 7,833,000 USD Last Year

June 25 01:49 2022
Viraj Patil From 0 To Invoiced More Than 7,833,000 USD Last Year

Viraj Patil was born in a lower middle-class family in Mumbai on 23rd May 1993. Belonging to a lower-middle-class family, his parents earned their money in the hardest possible ways to provide for him. There was no compromise on his education. In spite of wanting different things in life, pertaining to the struggles in the family, he had to pursue CIVIL engineering so that he could get a good job soon and contribute to the house’s finances. He finished his engineering and started working with the Reliance group of companies.

One thing that was always constant: Viraj was an excellent performer in anything that he chose to do. He grew in ranks and salary at his first job, but Viraj always wanted to do something more fulfilling. Viraj is a keen believer in the fact that – The only way to grow is SELF DEVELOPMENT.

He found his passion in Fintech. He upgraded his skills through financial education while still pursuing his job and realized the vast potential of technology in finance when utilized correctly in the form of the right products.

He did not keep this opportunity and knowledge to himself but created an infrastructure and platform for people interested in fintech to explore these opportunities and products for their personal and financial growth. Today, Viraj has influenced more than a million lives around the world with his vision of educating and helping people in exploring their passions and live fulfilling lives.

Viraj is an established Business consultant and coach and is training teams and institutions on better operational and leadership practices. Recently he is also awarded Honorary Doctorate by the University of Azteca.

According to official business for home sources, Viraj invoiced more than 7,833,000 USD last year.

At the age of just 29, he has achieved what most of us only dream of, and yet he is not stopping anytime soon. His passion and his motto to INSPIRE and IMPACT millions of people to help them realize their full potential, drives him every day.

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