Shreyans Zaveri’s Short-film Meta Tiger Supports Tiger Conservation

June 24 21:07 2022
Shreyans Zaveri’s Short-film Meta Tiger Supports Tiger Conservation
Shreyans Zaveri’s Meta Tiger aims to raise awareness about the conservation of tigers and their natural habitats.

Meta Tiger is an upcoming short film by director Shreyans Zaveri. As the title suggests, the story revolves around the virtual universe. It shows how tigers will be reduced to only existing in the virtual world, which is a painful reality. Their population is so fragile that it will take minor imbalances in nature to create major long term consequences. And one of those consequences is the disappearance of these magnificent creatures. Hence the need for immediate conservation of tigers and their habitat. Meta Tiger has been created as an animated film. This is deliberately done to show people how tigers will end up looking in the digital world if we do not protect them. 

“I have been involved with different conservation efforts in India and the USA. I have partnered with organizations that deal with tiger census to protect the environment and work towards sustainability. The main idea behind Meta Tiger was to educate people and make them aware of protecting our environment,” said the director. 

This is Shreyans’ second film this year on wildlife conservation. His previous one was directed towards marine life conservation titled, “If Only”. It is currently doing rounds on the global film festival circuit. For this film, the director collaborated with multiple global conservation societies. They endorsed his film to protect marine life, especially whales.

Shreyans started working 9 years ago in the film and visual effects sector. He began working as a photographer, VFX artist, and filmmaker. He currently works as a senior director in the Silicon Valley region and directs commercials and advertisements. Some of his clients include Google, NASA, Mercedes Benz, and others. Steve Wozniak, Joe Pavelski, and Eric Schmidt are some of the notable celebrities he has worked with.

He is also the author of two published novels (Aarya and The Fuehrer’s Blood) and several published academic papers.

The director will be making a full-length feature documentary soon. It will be about the conservation efforts of vultures and their environmental impact. He has two upcoming novels, a biography, and a fiction novel, all lined up for release next year.

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