Top 2 Top Models to Add As Inspirations in Life

June 24 21:04 2022

When life gets tough, it’s easy to want to give up. Especially when one is surrounded by social media and everyone posting perfect pictures, it’s not unnatural to feel like one’s life is just unglamourous. But, of course, that’s far from the truth. Everyone truly is beautiful in their own way. While that can be hard to absorb, there’s a few powerful women that are working hard to make sure every girl out there understands their worth completely. Ashley Graham and Mischaela Elkins are two that have made it their goal to not only be outstanding in their industries but also an inspiration for young girls that aren’t sure where they stand or who they are. 

Ashley Graham

Another model breaking the norms of the modeling industry, quickly becoming a favorite of millions around the world. Who says that a curvy girl shouldn’t show too much skin? Fat rolls, cellulite, acne scars or anything else that’s often used to make young girls feel uncomfortable is what Graham fights against every single day. With candid pictures up on her Instagram, and unfiltered insights, Ashley Graham is someone who makes it clear that there’s nothing wrong with being human and comfortable in your own skin. There’s more to life than trying to alter who one is. The life we’re given is meant to be enjoyed and cherished, spent with loved ones that we have finite time with. Keeping a perfect face isn’t the most important thing in life and that’s a thought that often gets lost when you’re filled with influences of social media where everyone looks picture perfect all the time. 

Mischaela Elkins

No matter what one’s age may be, they can conquer the world. That’s what Elkins is doing. Having began modeling as simply a teenager, Elkins has spent over a decade in the industry and is still going strong. There are very few models that have stuck around in the industry for more than a couple of years and Elkins is one of them. She’s continually improved her craft and has gone from being a young girl to a fierce woman who now helps other women lift themselves up! What she focuses on is simple – in an industry where being over 30 is considered to be too old, Mischaela shows everyone that it’s not. It’s an unhealthy mindset that penetrates many women these days and even young girls find themselves opting for cosmetic procedures to hide wrinkles that they don’t even have yet! Being in one’s 30s is nowhere near being old and that’s what Elkins targets through her work. Having done luxury swimwear shoots, skincare campaigns, and everything in between, Mischaela is one of the top models in demand today.

Of course, there’s a number of women working on the same as well. However, the ones mentioned above have spent years gaining the skills required to be taken seriously in their industry and create a lasting impact. If there’s anyone who should be looked up to, the list starts from Ashley Graham and Mischaela Elkins.

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