“My Right To Hear”, a Non-Profit organization that changed the lives of hundreds of underserved children with hearing loss

June 24 22:49 2022
My Right To Hear, a non-profit organization based in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, has released its 2021 Annual Report that highlights the success of the organization’s mission in Palestine. The report demonstrates that through the generosity of donors and volunteers, My Right To Hear has raised more than $1 million in 2021 to provide cochlear implant surgeries to 108 underserved children with hearing loss.

Shreveport, Louisiana, USA – My Right To Hear announced the release of its 2021 Annual Report, which details the organization’s impact in Palestine. In the past year alone, My Right To Hear has raised more than 1 million dollars in donations to provide cochlear implant surgeries to 108 underserved children with hearing loss. Since it was established in 2020, the organization has built the first infrastructure for cochlear implant surgeries in that region and treated more than 200 children who were born with profound hearing loss requiring cochlear implant surgery.

Through the hard work and relentless efforts, the organization has provided hope for hundreds of children with hearing loss who would otherwise have no access to cochlear implants or hearing rehabilitation. In only few years, My Right To Hear has grown from a small group of physicians and benefactors who wanted to help those in need into a large network of volunteers and donors who come together regularly to raise funds for this cause.

With the mission of domiciliation of cochlear implant surgery in Palestine, the organization has collaborated with local and international organizations, including MED-EL and ASTEMED, to provide training programs for local surgeons and medical teams, who are now capable of providing an efficient and comprehensive care that starts from screening, surgery, and rehabilitation.

Our goal is simple, yet the impact is lifechanging: we want to give underserved children with hearing loss the opportunity to hear and talk so they can live full lives,” says Dr. Nimer Adeeb, a Neurosurgeon and President of My Right To Hear. “Every year, around 200-300 children are born with profound hearing loss in Palestine and need cochlear implants. Currently, we are the only hope for those children to ever hear or talk for the first time.” The organization also provides rehabilitation and support for those children after surgery—not just be able to communicate but also understand what’s happening around them, go to school, and have equal opportunity as adults. The annual reports illustrates that the majority of children treated were less than 3 years of age, which often minimizes the amount of rehabilitation needed and gives the children the best chance of living a normal life. Most of those children have already caught up to their peers in their language and speech development.

About My Right To Hear:

My Right To Hear is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization based in the USA that provides the first and only comprehensive hearing services to underserved children with hearing loss in Palestine. These include cochlear implants, hearing aids and hearing rehabilitation. Their 2021 Annual Report can be found on their website www.myrighttohear.org

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