Opening the Door of Innovation with Science and Technology – Interview with WU Linqiang, the Top Software Research Expert

June 24 22:33 2022
(reporter: Toby Hoskin)

With the arrival of the twin era of the physical world and the digital world, digital technology, as a vital link to drive the digitalization of the physical world, will fully show the “beauty of digital”. Technology is the engine of every industrial revolution, and digital technology is an important part of the fourth industrial revolution. As a new scientific and technological means, compared with information technology and Internet technology, digital technology includes a series of cutting-edge technologies, such as space-time big data, deep reinforcement learning, 3D computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent chip, sensing technology, edge computing, consensus algorithm, etc. We see that digital technology will play more roles in promoting the interconnection of everything and the digital economy. As the most important part of digital technology, the software industry also plays a decisive role in social development.

At this time, China is closely following the pace of science and technology, and is making every effort to promote many software scientific and technological achievements based on digital technology around the world, bringing more convenience to people. In China, there are billions of software science and technology workers. They have used their talents, combined with the world’s high-precision technology, and have exported numerous advanced technologies that covered various fields in recent years. What we want to introduce today is one of the top software research experts with high reputation and influence: WU Linqiang

Mr. WU Linqiang has a profound theoretical foundation in many aspects of software research. He has worked in software companies for more than ten years, from a Senior Technical Expert of Software to a Chief Engineer of Data Technology, until he became a Senior Vice President of CityDo Hangzhou Co., Ltd. He has extremely rich experience in software technology R&D During his work, Mr. WU Linqiang always worked hard and never stopped studying. In many years of front-line work, he has always paid attention to the dynamics and trends of world science and technology, combined with the most several high-end and cutting-edge technologies, deeply optimized the very important technology nodes in the software field that have been limited by technology for a long time. He is brave in innovation and has developed a number of technological achievements with the world’s advanced level, which has caused a great sensation in the scientific and technological circles in China and even the Asia Pacific region. After his technological achievements have been used and promoted, the efficiency have been improved for many application enterprises, effectively reduced the software R&D cost, and even brought some software companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy back to life. The leaders of these enterprises sincerely thank Mr. WU Linqiang and are eager to introduce more important technological achievements from him. Mr. WU Linqiang has also gained a high reputation with his strong scientific research ability and keen industry foresight.

Since 2018, Mr. WU Linqiang has independently developed ”Cloud Computing-based Distributed Software Development and Compilation Platform V1.0”, ”Software R&D Full Lifecycle Safety Management Effectiveness Dynamic Evaluation System V1.0”, ”Software Product Intelligent R&D Decision-making Platform Based on Data Mining Technology V1.0” and ”Automatic System to Realize Cloud Construction and Deployment Configuration Based on Computer Software System V1.0”, these technological achievements have passed the technical market test of many countries, and have sent a number of pilot lights in the dark sea to a large number of scientific and technological enterprises that are in urgent need of digital transformation. These technological achievements have won the affirmation of experts, scholars and peers in the software industry and even in the field of digital technology. Among them, the “Software R&D Full Lifecycle Safety Management Effectiveness Dynamic Evaluation System V1.0” is highly praised by industry professionals around the world.

In the process of software R&D, due to the openness and uncontrollability of the software itself, the security of software applications has been paid attention by more and more scientific and technological institutions. Starting from the life cycle of software R&D and eliminating security vulnerabilities in software applications is the main direction and trend of self-improvement in today’s software industry, and it is also a fundamental way to control risks. The “Software R&D Full Lifecycle Safety Management Effectiveness Dynamic Evaluation System V1.0” developed by Mr. WU Linqiang is from this perspective, solved problems from the original structure, controlled risks in the process, truly provided a solid foundation for software research safety management decisions, filled the gap in the field of safety management decisions in the software industry, and made important contributions to the vigorous development of the software industry and even the field of digital technology.

The technological achievement has added corresponding security assessments in the whole process from the requirement design of software R&D to product release, which can timely find vulnerabilities in software, reduce repair costs, and minimize security defects. It can fully protect the rights and interests of software users and effectively improve the data security. In addition, the system can also build an evaluation index system in advance according to the collected data, and obtain various evaluation value indicators of safety management to intelligently calculate the optimal comprehensive evaluation index, so as to conduct an overall analysis of the software life cycle data. It can also timely find the deficiencies in the safety detection work and automatically generate solutions to provide an effective basis for the follow-up safety management work. In general, the system significantly reduced the probability of data leakage in the process of software research, and greatly improved the overall development speed of the digital technology field including the software field.

At present, the technological achievement has been widely used in the software industry in China and surrounding countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and has achieved remarkable application results. According to statistics, after the application of this system, the probability of occurrence of security vulnerabilities in software development projects has decreased by 86% on average, and the development cost has been greatly reduced, which greatly improved the work efficiency and stability of software development, making software development achieve efficient and safe in the real sense. Mr. WU Linqiang has also become an industry leader in the field of software research with his outstanding R&D ability, and has been concerned and favored by digital technology enterprises in various countries.

WU Linqiang once said that software research, as an important support for digital technology, is a key means to achieve the development of global economy, and has become a necessary option for all walks of life to achieve digital upgrading. Under the new requirements of all walks of life to move towards high-quality development, digital technology has also been given a new era mission and task. He takes creating value for people and industry as his lifelong work, and expects to use technology to open the door of innovation in the field of software research again and again.

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