Young Graphic Designers That One Needs to Know

June 24 16:28 2022

Graphic design is an art form that allows one to organize projects based on creative ideas and communicate them visually. Posters, ads, packages, and magazines are just a few of the print spaces where graphic design is used to communicate ideas and thoughts effectively. In terms of the global growth of digital platforms, it is currently a rapidly growing industry.

Graphic design outperforms all other forms of business promotion. This is due to the fact that visual interpretations tend to capture the attention of viewers more than any other form of marketing. The industry of graphic designing is blooming these days and the main force behind this are young people who are coming into this field with their fresh ideas and perspectives.  

Some of the designers in this field are mentioned below, who are well-liked and respected by a large number of people due to their early success and their work has made a lot of people proud! Let’s have a look on who these creative artists are.

Alice Lee

Alice Lee is a young and enthusiastic designer and illustrator located in San Francisco who is captivated with telling and drawing witty stories. Former Dropbox designer who worked independently for Google, Macy’s, The New York Times, Microsoft, and Slack had a key part in building the Dropbox, Mailbox, and Carousel brand experiences. Her fun and one-of-a-kind styles span typography, illustration, and design. Alice has an uncanny ability to turn words from a jumble of letters into design pieces that jump off the paper. Alice creates a one-of-a-kind take on Parisian art deco and hand-crafted typography that will leave one speechless. She is amazing in her field and is gaining success with each passing day. 


Lucky started his career at a very young age, when he was just an eleven-year-old, by watch tutorials on YouTube.  And because of starting work so early, he now knows nuances of this field. He provides one-of-a-kind services to his clients that allow him to leave an indelible mark on his work as a graphic designer, video editor, and YouTuber. His designs are usually influenced by movie posters, newspapers, and album covers, and other forms of images from the 1990s and 2000s. Lucky has created a reputation for himself in the market because of his inspiring and motivating designs. He is also a social media influencer and has rightly gained a huge fan following over such a small period of time. His success story is truly remarkable! 

These are the top two graphic designers who have made a great name and are loved and appreciated by a lot of people because of the success they have achieved at such a very young age. If anyone’s looking to pursue a career in the field of designing, these are the people who can be an inspiration and can guide one in their journey as an artist. 

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