Cinch Gaming Launches Custom Mouse Click Triggers for PS5 and Xbox

June 24 18:48 2022
Controllers with mouse click triggers enable players to shoot and aim faster than opponents.

Cinch Gaming, one of the world’s leading brands for high-quality custom E-sports controllers, has launched a new customization feature for its PS5 and Xbox controllers – a mouse click trigger with a 0.2 mm pull. This feature is designed to enhance gaming capabilities, especially for first-person shooters. It is rapid-fire compatible, enabling gamers to instantaneously improve finger trigger response rate and shoot and aim 90% faster than their opponent.

Compared to standard PS5 and Xbox triggers, Cinch Click Triggers are ten times faster. They are highly responsive and react accurately, similar to a quick and sensitive mouse click. Console players can now aim as fast as mouse and keyboard players, giving them a competitive edge in any fast-paced shooting match.

As the Cinch Gaming team says, the click trigger feature is closing the gap between the keyboard and console players.

Aside from mouse click triggers, Cinch Gaming also highlights back button attachment for comfort and precision. Gamers can fully utilize their dexterity to map any face button at the back of their controller.

Cinch Gaming offers full-customization options for PS4, PS5, and Xbox controllers. Some customizable features include the front, back, and middle shells, touchpads, button map, home buttons, bumpers, and trigger type.

All products come with a 30-Day Warranty.

Explore Cinch Gaming’s collection of controllers here:

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